Dirty Dozen: GameDay sign ideas

Arizona, ASU, Cal, Colorado and the rest of y'all in alphabetical order: who cares? There's one Pac-12 game this weekend and there's one pre-party for it. In that spirit then, for this week's Dirty Dozen, here are our best sign ideas. Please share widely!

Most of these are from my own twisted mind. I added in some I thought were hilarious from our board or signs I've seen at games. This slash here "/" means line break.

Erin Andrews
Erin Andrews, we're in the game (Make the E and A in the style of the EA Sports logo.)
Erin Andrews, we're the real Silicon Valley
Erin Andrews, you're not as hot as our girls
Occupy Erin Andrews

Making the BCS case
LSU, got offense? (in the "Got Milk" style)
OK State, got defense?
Bama, We have two kickers. Want one? (or Got Milk-ed)
LSU, here we come
T Boone Pickens drinks wine coolers
Occupy New Orleans

TeamRush DTotal O
OK State993

Really, voters? (Put the two columns next to each other. Make the crappy stats red and stand out.)

Goto:rivals.com/Copy/Paste/Do i=1 to 25/Charge $25,000 (I'll leave it to the CSers out there to get the coding right, but there's the idea.)
I spent $25,000 and all I got was this lousy PowerPoint (in the style of a PowerPoint slide)
Hey Cliff Harris, our offense goes 119 mph
Oregon, we'll smoke you all
Donald Duck, where are your pants?
Oregon fans listen to Coldplay
Blame it on the goose
Duck, duck, lose
Hey LaMichael, we've got LaLuck
Can't spell ghonorrea without Oregon (Make the underlined letters green.)
Chip Kelly is a quack

Andrew Luck
Andrew, do the Heisman on that [censored] (R-rated language, fyi.)
Stanford football: it's not just Luck
Sorry Indy, he's coming back again
Andrew Luck should be evenly divided among all 32 NFL teams

We believe in Stanford football
Do it for Leland/Do it for Pop Warner/Do it for Plunkett/Do it for Elway(/Do it for Luck?)
Pop Warner, Plunkett, Elway, Luck. Who's next?
Go Robber Barons!
TheBootleg.com(/The unauthorized authority on Cardinal sports?)
Can't spell America without S-T-A-N-F-O-R-D
Gary Migdol fan club
No. 1 academics/No. 1 athletics/No. 1 Cardinal
Hey Corso, occupy the tree
Harbaugh who?
Shaw for Heisman
We'll beat an SEC team/You're welcome, America
17 straight/11 of 12 by 25+
Who's got it better than us?/No one
I made out last night…. with a valedictorian/Go Stanford!
Stanford: the real economic stimulus plan (With logos of Google, Yahoo, Sun, HP and other companies with Stanford ties)
Bet your campus doesn't look like this
We are the 1%

We support the Penn State victims
Breaking news: USC sucks/This just in: Cal sucks/Urgent alert: Notre Dame, everyone hates you
Give me everything tonight
Occupy Herbstreit

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