Postgame interview: Cameron Fleming

One of Stanford's many wounded warriors heading into the game with Oregon, starting right tackle Cameron Fleming came back strong and healthy, showing little to no drop-off after the injury to his knee. A redshirt freshman, Fleming is expected to be a key player on the line for the rest of this season and several more years.

Despite Fleming's return, the offensive line had one of its worst games of the year, yielding three sacks, gaining little traction against Oregon's front seven, and regressing as the game went on. The Bootleg caught up with Fleming after the game to get his take on Stanford's first loss of the season.

The Bootleg: What were the emotions in the locker room after the game? How did you guys feel about it?

Cameron Fleming: They were a great team. They got us—determination is the only thing I can say. We're coming back to take our emotions out on California, I guess.

Oregon was able to sack Andrew three times this game, and you had only given up four sacks in the season to this point. Why was Oregon able to get that kind of penetration against you guys?

CF: They were good, and we didn't play our best game. That's all I have to say about it.

Do you feel like you were able to get enough penetration in the run game? You guys weren't able to break any big runs, and a lot of the runs were stopped short.

CF: We did well in the run game. They were well prepared, and we didn't take advantage of all our opportunities. We were decent in the run game.

Did you have any issues with your leg injury or are you back to 100 percent full strength?

CF: I'm getting there. I do have a couple of tweaks and turns, but nothing serious—nothing that can stop me from playing.

How much rotation was there between you and Tyler Mabry on the line today?

CF: We rotated the first half, and then I took the second half.

Thinking big picture, it looks like you guys aren't going to win the Pac-12 North. Are there any other goals you're looking to achieve after this game?

CF: Win every game, simple as that. We lost a game, we gotta bounce back, show the world that we're still Stanford football and we can still win games.

What do you think of your chances to get another bid to a BCS bowl?

CF: No idea. That has nothing to do with us. We're focused on winning games, not on what happens afterwards.

Do you think that the issue in this game was with your execution or with your schematic gameplan?

CF: It wasn't our gameplan. Our coaches draw up great gameplans for us every week. We didn't play to the best of our abilities, and they took advantage of that.

Can you talk about the effect that turnovers can have on the offense emotionally? That was a big issue tonight.

CF: It's as simple as if we don't have the ball, we can't score the ball. Without the ball in our hands, the offense is helpless and we're dependent on the defense.

What's your opinion on how Andrew played tonight?

CF: Andrew did his thing. He played well. We didn't do as good a job as an offensive line of protecting him as we should have. He played well—not spectacular, but he played well. He played great, actually.

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