Graham Shuler admitted to Stanford

Last Friday, when Stanford offensive lineman commit Graham Shuler received an ominous sounding Facebook message from his recruiter, Cardinal running backs coach Mike Sanford, he wasn't sure what to think. "Call me immediately when you get a chance," the message read.

"I was a little freaked out because I didn't really know what would be urgent that wouldn't be bad," Graham Shuler said. "I was a little hesitant calling him. Then I called Coach Sanford, and it was kind of breaking up on the phone, but he said you've been accepted into Stanford University, congratulations."

Thanks to the choppy phone connection, however, Shuler initially couldn't quite make out what Sanford said.

"I thought he said I hadn't been accepted for a second, so I was just dead silent," Shuler said. "He was like, ‘Graham, Graham are you there?' I was like, ‘Wait, Coach, what did you say again?' I was hoping I misheard him. He told me I had been accepted and congratulated me and told me how excited he was and that the whole staff was that I had been accepted. Then I emailed with [Mike] Eubanks and Coach Bloomgren and Coach Crook and Coach Anderson, and they told me how excited they were for me to be admitted. I'm just very glad to officially be a part of this whole process."

After enduring the emotional rollercoaster of thinking his application was denied, Shuler decided to make his father go through the same ordeal.

"It was a comedy of presentations about that news," Shuler said. "I got home and walked in the door and said, ‘Hey dad, Coach Sanford just messaged me told me to call him right away so my dad said, ‘Well, I want to hear what's going on.'

"I'm in my house on the phone and I didn't actually call Coach Sanford, I faked the call, because I already knew at this point. So I faked the call and my dad's just sitting there. I faked the whole conversation. I had my head between my knees and was just like, well what can I do now Coach, was acting like I didn't get accepted. So my dad was kind of freaking out a little bit. I finally starting laughing and told him I got accepted. He called Coach Sanford and they got a pretty big kick out of all that. My family is ecstatic, my mom was so happy when I told her. It's definitely been exciting, just with my family and my family friends."

The excitement surrounding Shuler and his inner circle wasn't only a result of his Stanford acceptance. Last Tuesday, Shuler was offered by Auburn, the school at which his father played football in the 1980's.

"It was very humbling and it definitely created some chaos, just around my family and myself," Shuler said of the offer. "All these rumors were flying around about changing commitment statuses and whatnot, so it was an interesting week.

"I get out of my second period class [last] Wednesday and I have 84 text messages and countless Facebook messages and emails and the like of people just freaking out thinking that I'm either changing commitments or telling me to change from that Auburn family hat I've grown up with that's pretty extended by now."

It didn't take long for Stanford coaches to get wind of Shuler's Auburn offer.

"They were in touch with me right way, but we talked, and it was just same old, same old," Shuler said. "They know where I stand and where I'm at."

In light of news about his Stanford admission, Shuler's Cardinal commitment status is what it's been since he pulled the trigger over summer – solid.

"I'm the same place I was a week ago, same place I was four months ago," Shuler said. "I'm committed to Stanford and that's where I plan to be."

Shuler plans to take his official visit to The Farm for Stanford's big recruiting weekend in January. There's also a strong possibility he will attend the Cardinal's bowl game.

Shuler was able to take another unofficial trip to Stanford for the Oregon game.

"It was a blast," Shuler said. "I got to hang out with a lot of great guys. A lot of guys who are committed and hopefully some who will commit soon.

"I met Alex Carter for the first time, Kodi Whitfield, Blake Martinez, and got to hang out with just some good guys. My boy Conner Crane wasn't there but we were talking the whole time. It was great. I met Andrus Peat, we had been talking some for a while, and we've been in good contact. He's a great guy and we were talking about how much fun it would be to play together. Aziz Shittu was there and Matt Cochran, Matt was there. Ifeadi Odenigbo was there. It's always good to see Ifeadi. We met up there in the summer—we had a good time together."

Spending time with those recruits whet Shuler's appetite for the start of his college career.

"It was good to see all those guys and hang out with them," Shuler said. If I get to play with guys like Andrus and Ifeadi and Noor Davis and those type of high-caliber guys like Alex Carter in the next four or five years it's going to be a very, very exciting time for me."

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