Post-Notre Dame quick-hitter: Chris Owusu

His senior year has been marred by a string of concussions, but as a key contributor from Stanford's program-changing 2008 recruiting class, wide receiver Chris Owusu's Cardinal legacy is deservedly intact. Following Stanford's 28-14 over Notre Dame, The Bootleg briefly caught up with Owusu to discuss the game and the Cardinal's dominance over its rivals.

The Bootleg: Even though you weren't out there catching passes, how much did it mean to you to be out in uniform today and be recognized along with the other seniors?

Chris Owusu: Absolutely. It meant a lot to me and I just really appreciate Coach Shaw for giving me the opportunity to do that. He's a great guy, a great man, and I was just proud to be out there with my team, even prouder of how they played out there and just fought and never gave up and really took it to the Notre Dame team.

You were on the field for the last play of the game, correct?

CO: Yeah.

TB: Was that something that was planned from the beginning?

CO: No, it wasn't planned or anything. Obviously the plan is to go out there and win but when I got the opportunity, I again thank Coach Shaw for letting me have the opportunity to get on the field, and again proud of my team.

TB: You guys beat Notre Dame three straight times, USC three straight times. Is there anything extra special about those wins, or is just another faceless opponent?

CO: You have to think of it as a faceless opponent, but I'm just real happy for our team to go out there with a ‘W' today.

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