Post-Notre Dame interview: David DeCastro

Following Stanford's 28-14 win over Notre Dame, The Bootleg caught up with Cardinal offensive lineman David DeCastro to discuss the game, beating the Irish three straight years, and his college future.

The Bootleg: What are your thoughts on today's game?

David DeCastro: We had to do it, we knew we needed to if we want to make a BCS game. The only thing we could control was winning. That's what we did, and we'll see where the chips fall.

TB: Do you have any more clarity on whether you'll enter the NFL draft after this season?

DD: That's after the bowl season. We still have a season to finish.

Talk about your recruiting class, 2008, what impact do you think you guys made on this program?

DD: They're a great group of guys, you can't say enough about them. Team guys, guys that want to win, want to do it for the team, make the team right. You can't say enough about them.

TB: Is there an extra sense of pride in being a part of a turnaround, rather than coming in to a program that's already successful?

DD: I think so. I think there definitely is, having a turnaround like that. 23-2 our last two years, it's pretty amazing. I haven't really thought about it enough I think to really appreciate it, but that's part of why we've been able to do it, because we haven't focused on what we've been doing, we've just focused on doing it.

TB: Looking back is there anything a little bit special beating Notre Dame the last three years, or is it really just another faceless opponent?

DD: It's just an opponent, we don't care who they are, we just want to win. That's our goal. You can't come out oh, Notre Dame, get psyched out. Just like USC, you can't be like oh, we have to do something special, out of our limits. Just play your game.

TB: But in hindsight, going 6-0 against those teams, is that something that's special now, or will it take some time to sink in?

DD: Yeah, that's huge. That's huge. They've been national powerhouses and everyone knows about them, so obviously it means a little something.

TB: Finally, talk about the identity that you and some of your fellow 2008 classmates have forged for the Stanford offense over these past few years, and what that means to you.

DD: Just a hard-nosed offense that wants to win and doesn't want to give up and would do anything for their teammates.

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