Andrew Luck Heisman presser highlights

Andrew Luck had his final media appearance before embarking on the college football awards circuit on Monday. He talked about his second straight selection as a Heisman Trophy finalist and what it means to him and the Stanford football program.

Luck's itinerary included stops in Orlando and Baltimore before finally hitting New York City for the Heisman Trophy presentation. Below, The Bootleg presents the best bits of Monday's press conference with the Bay Area press corps.

Can we just start with your reaction to being a finalist again?

Andrew Luck: Obviously very honored, very excited. It's a great trip to New York—I remember last year, what an experience it was. To be able to go and relive that again, I'm very excited. I'm excited to meet the other guys and hang out with them, and I'm excited to represent this university.

How important would it be for the school for you to get the Heisman?

AL: I think it'd be great. Everybody wants to win—no one wants to come in second or third or fourth. So yeah, it'd be great for the school.

Now that the regular season has ended, can you enjoy this? I know you always downplayed the Heisman, but can you enjoy this week?

AL: I'll definitely try to enjoy the week—I don't want to be stressed out completely or nerve-wracked or angry. I'll definitely try and enjoy it, because it is a great opportunity and a great experience in one's lifetime.

Have you gotten to watch much of the other players? What do you think of them?

AL: Obviously, they're all special players. To be honest, this past weekend was probably the most I got to see of all of them—very impressed with all of their athletic abilities, how they play football and how they carry themselves off the field. Very excited to meet them in person.

Is it almost a bigger statement for Stanford that this is the third year in a row that you guys have had a finalist?

AL: I don't know what a bigger statement is. I don't think we're into making big statements or statements of any kind. I think it shows that this program is here to stay for a while, close to the top of college football.

Do you want to win the Heisman Trophy?

AL: Absolutely. I would definitely love to win it.

This is an individual award, but do you think it represents what everybody did?

AL: Absolutely. I think any individual award in football for a quarterback is a reflection of his team, and being fortunate enough to be on a great team with a great line in front of him, great defense, great coaches. I think football is the ultimate team sport—even though individual awards are a big part of it in the postseason, they're all really a reflection of a guy being fortunate enough to be on a great team.

Could you talk about some of the big plays you've had this season and what you'll look back on and remember as your most memorable moments?

AL: I think all the wins were good moments. I haven't really had a chance to sit down and look back on it too much—I'm not trying to check out completely, because we have a great date with Oklahoma State at the Fiesta Bowl, so I don't want to end the football season now in my mind. I think beating Cal and retaining the Axe for another year is definitely a big part of it, and to beat USC and Notre Dame, those caliber of programs, is a big deal for us.

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