Brandon Hancock Update

Given the recent "stir" created by the reports down in SoCal that uber-fullback Brandon Hancock now favors U$C, we decided to check in with Brandon ourselves. Here is what the Clovis West star had to say.

Brandon has definitely narrowed down his schools to Stanford and SC. Stanford's offer has been, as always, conditional upon his acceptance by the University. He made it through Old Union, and The Sheriff has extended the full ride. We have believed and continued to believe that Brandon's successful voyage through Admissions was the single most important hurdle in Stanford's quest for "The Hulk."

At this point, Brandon is stepping back and trying to take a holistic view of the two schools. As is a favorite phrase of Cardinalmaniacs™, he is taking the "forty year view, not just the four year view." He is conducting his own evaluation process to talk to not just coaches and players, but past players and alumni. Wise beyond his years, Brandon is hoping to catch a glimpse at what his four years at each school will mean to him and for him, for the rest of his post-graduate life. This young man certainly has a very good head on his shoulders (and that's a freakish set of shoulders we're talking about).

Brandon says that he has no favorite at this time, and that will continue to be his position until his final decision. We can expect that to come in just the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Opinion: While Brandon publicly maintains no leader at the present, everything we have heard and seen points toward the Farm. Barring another surprise recruit's announcement in the interim, "The Hulk" should provide an incomparable start to the 2002 Stanford class.

For more on Brandon: the player, the person and The Hulk, check out our interview and profile from the Stanford Nike Camp.

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