Pangos All-American Camp Reports

Though the national "shoe" camps are more than a month away, the summer's first big individual camp was rockin' this past weekend in Cypress, CA. Read on for three days' worth of reports, profiles and school lists on some of the best '04 and '05 hoops recruits in the country.

Pangos All-American Camp, Day One

2004 Checklist:

Robert Swift, C: In terms of opening night performances, he gave one of the top two. Swift scored 22 points and did it in a variety of ways. We've seen him at a bunch of events this spring and to his credit, he seems to get better each time out. He's got hands, will hit some face-ups and is finishing well.

Kyle Lowry, PG: The west coasters are loving his game. After just one outing, he looked terrific. He basically got off the plane, threw on a jersey and went to work. The guy was handing out assists like Jason Kidd and we thought that along with Swift, he looked as good as anyone. 11 points and well over a handful of meaningful assists.

Justin Cerasoli, PG: This event is going to set up well for him. He was excellent on Friday evening and it started at the defensive end where he was inserted into the game and began picking pockets. He and Lowry are on a collision course at some point this weekend.

Lorenzo Mata, PF: How does 26 points in the opener sound? Mata stayed active, battled Todd Follmer and had himself an evening. He was excellent around the hoop and played a savvy game.

2006 Checklist

Christian Polk, SG-SF: The freshman from Phoenix (AZ) Deer Valley looks like a player. Immediately his offensive skills stood out. He's not strong by any means but his pull-up jumper off the bounce works well for him.

2007 Checklist

Jesse Woodard, PG: He's bound for Compton Centennial and Coach Rod Palmer can't wait to coach him. Woodard, despite the youth, carries himself well and has plenty of ability. He's going to be a strong kid and he's quick and likes to push it.

Taylor King, SF: The lefty who is bound for Mater Dei had a nice event last weekend at the Tournament of Champions and it doesn't take much to figure out he's a player.

Off The Dribble

The Washington Huskies have a commitment from a big man with a touch on the perimeter. Todd Follmer was able to stick a few jumpers in his opening game. … Lorenzo Mata not only can scored it well on Friday, he passed it. The big fella has a feel for passing inside the paint. …

Arizona junior small forward Ty Morrison has to be one of the elite athletes at this camp… Junior small forward Chris Berry had 20 points in a game and was very active… Houston small forward Dion Dowell scored 15 points in his game, many of them coming from tough, contested finishes. …

Kyle Lowry and Shane Clark, a couple of neighbors in Philly on the same team? Not fair. The Lowry to Clark combo was rolling in the alley-oop category in their opener...

News & Notes

Junior guard Lorenzo Keeler is no longer committed to San Diego… Some guys like Arron Afflalo, Dorell Wright, Jason Horton and Jawann McClellan weren't here on Friday but are expected to participate on Saturday… Former Southern Cal coach Dave Miller is in charge of the individual instruction and he wasted little time in breaking a sweat with the kids…

Coach Miller was also quick to ordain sophomore forward Titus Shelton the hardest worker in the stations portion of the camp… Famous family: Keena Payton, a camper, is Gary Payton's brother…

Lorenzo Mata's school list: UCLA, Texas Tech, Providence, Oregon and Miami. Oregon and Texas Tech have already stepped up and offered… Justin Cerasoli told us that he thought Shaun Livingston took a pass on the camp because he is visiting Florida this weekend… Speaking of Florida, look for the Gators to be in the final mix with Jason Horton. Missouri has been in there a long time and will factor into the equation prominently, among others…

Mohamed Tangara officially visited Louisville last week. In addition to the Cardinals, he's listing Memphis, Arizona, Miami and Michigan… Kyle Lowry's school list reads Syracuse, Xavier, UCLA, UConn, Pittsburgh and Kansas…

Food Facts: Do eat at the Claim Jumper. Do eat at Jerry's Famous Deli on UCLA's campus. Try to avoid In ‘n Out Burger...

Pangos All-American Camp, Day Two

2004 Checklist

Dion Dowell, SF: He was probably the most consistent performer of the day. Dowell scored on 3s, baseline jumpers, tip ins, you name it. In addition to the offense, Dowell was blocking shots and being aggressive on defense. The future Longhorn had quite a day.

Dorell Wright, SG: His presence created sort of a buzz as he participated in the afternoon session before heading out for the prom. Wright is the toughest guy here to guard and showed off superior athleticism. The 6-7 wing had some problems with turnovers but his body control and offensive package make him an elite level guy.

Arron Afflalo, SG: The future Bruin is probably just scratching the surface. He might not have been ecstatic with his play but the potential oozes from his long, athletic frame. With range past the arc and a good head on his shoulders, you can't help but be impressed.

Jawann McClellan, SG: We thought his 22-point effort in the morning was good, but his final game of the day was even better. In the nightcap, McClellan scored 24 points and banged a pair of consecutive 3s from about 24 feet out. Despite the deadly long-range touch, he's got one of the best mid-range games in the class. When he rebounds he's even better.

Mohamed Tangara, PF: There might not be another big man in the class with the thirst for learning that Tangara possesses. He's a maximum effort guy who realizes that rebounding is his top asset. However, he's soaking up all he can from the coaches about offensive play and his game in the evening was evidence of just how coachable he is. He even hit a few face-ups and turnaround jumpers.

Aaron Agnew, C: He's lost about 30 pounds and he's looking good. For starters, there aren't five better passers at his position in this class. He's great at reading the double-team and finding the open man. Drop it to him in the paint and he's shooting a layup. He's a work in progress, but he's made the conditioning commitment and it's showing in his play.

Matt Sargeant, SG: We mention him here because he strokes it. Sargeant roams around the perimeter, picks his spot and makes 3s. He's a mid-major player with a great touch from the outside.

2005 Checklist

Joseph Darger, SF: He's from Utah and he's a player. Darger has a sweet stroke and an aptitude for the game. He's always around the ball and has one of the best hoops IQs here.

Rashad Austin, PF: Sure, he's a bit undersized but he's accomplished much during the weekend. He's scored in the paint, guarded bigger kids well and blocked some shots. He's improving each time out.

Brian Harvey, SG: He's got a great body and does one thing extremely well: the guy is a marksman from deep.

2006 Checklist

Christian Polk, SG: Looks to be the best freshman at the camp. Polk did it again today from a number of spots on the court and his natural ability to score and play on offense is a gift.

Off The Dribble

Perrick Robinson, a junior from Chicago, is one of the faster point guards here… Guard Rico Tucker is a helluva dunker for his size. He gets baseline to baseline in a hurry… Forward Chris Berry has been sticking near the basket and getting double-digits every time out…

Justin Cerasoli can flat out score the basketball. He'll do it off the bounce or from downtown… Sophomore big man Brett Hoerner will block some shots but on offense he seems most comfortable facing the basket. …

Ty Morrison turned in one of the better plays of the day when he threw down a one-handed facial dunk off a slick feed from Dion Dowell… Sophomore forward Jamal Boykin had 20 in a game this morning. He does his best work in the paint… Gordon Watt should be applauded for his defensive effort and overall intensity…

New Yorker Clifford Clinksdale has been the steadying force on his camp team. He's run the show, found teammates and had a very good weekend… 2006 guard Nic Wise (committed to Arizona) struggled in his first game and then played very well in his final two games of the day. He's got a strong upper body and will find guys in the offense…

Keena Payton is Gary Payton's brother, but they're different. While Gary excels at passing it, Keena likes to shoot it… Milwaukee swingman Draelon Burns has been good the entire weekend. He's athletic and chips in on the glass… Canadian big man Theo Davis keeps it simple: he's got a nice offensive game in the paint… Kyle Lowry and Jason Horton matched up head to head in the evening session. Lowry had the good first half and then traded places with Horton in the second as the guard from Texas played well.

News & Notes

Guard Larry Cunningham, a senior at the camp, signed with UC-Riverside but will likely attend prep school… Sophomore Theo Davis is hearing from Michigan State, Syracuse, Georgia Tech, Texas, North Carolina, Illinois, Michigan and Southern Cal… Yesterday we told you to watch for Missouri and Florida with Jason Horton. Well, he's pretty fond of Arkansas as well…

Sophomore Joseph Darger is going to be a hot commodity at the small forward slot. Utah has already offered him a scholarship. He's Mormon but doesn't plan on going on any missions at this juncture… Curtis Allen's commitment to Southern Cal is no more. Look for Oklahoma State to make a run… Lorenzo Wade is visiting Louisville this coming week…

Small forward Gordon Watt likes UConn, Marquette, Loyola, Ball State, Boston College and Miami… Point guard Clifford Clinksdale likes UConn, Providence, Siena, Rider and Florida. He says that Siena and Providence have offered.

Pangos All-American Camp, Day Three


White 83, Blue 73: Jawann McClellan had been hot pretty much since he stepped off the plane from Texas. In Sunday's game, he just got hotter. The Arizona-bound shooting guard led the way for his team with 15 points, including a 3-for-5 effort from downtown. One of the makes had to come from 25-feet out.

At the half, the White stars led 83-73. Their starting five of Kyle Lowry, Justin Cerasoli, McClellan, Ty Morrison and Mohamed Tangara played well together and were in control for most of the game. Lowry had 14 points and 3 steals and kept the engine running smoothly for Coach Rick Isaacs' all-stars.

Dion Dowell of the Blue stars drilled a trio of 3-pointers in the second half to get his team within striking distance, but then McClellan answered the run himself.

The Blue team was led by Gordon Watt who seriously upped his personal stock with 12 points and a great weekend effort. His dunk over Cerasoli in the game was about as big time an athletic play as we've seen anyone make this summer. Swift continued his dominating post play with an 8-point, 3 block effort.

GAME NOTES – Three members of the White all-star team could not play. Dorell Wright, Theo Davis and Brian Harvey were unable to participate. Lorenzo Mata was selected to the game but injured himself in action on Friday. Curtis Allen, Clifford Clinksdale and Rico Tucker – all players selected to the Top 40 game – participated in their absence. … Like all camp games, the all-star game was played with a 20-minute running clock. …

Top 20 All-Star Game Selections:  
Jason Horton (2004), Christian Polk (2006), Gabriel Pruitt (2004), Arron Afflalo (2004), Joseph Darger (2005), Dion Dowell (2004), Gordon Watt (2004), Rashad Austin (2005), Aaron Agnew (2004), Robert Swift (2004). 
Kyle Lowry (2004), Justin Cerasoli (2004), Brian Harvey (2005), Taylor King (2007), Jawann McClellan (2004), Dorell Wright (2004 post grad), Ty Morrison (2004), Jamal Boykin (2005), Theo Davis (2005), Mohamed Tangara (2004), Lorenzo Mata (2004).

2004 Checklist

Robert Swift, C: He might be the most improved player in the Class of 2004 right now. Swift was super all weekend long as evidenced by the fact that some pretty good big men couldn't hold him in the all-star game. Prior to that on Sunday morning, he had 5 dunks in one game. You can see his confidence soaring through the roof with every possession.

Gordon Watt, F: Wow! Is this guy athletic or what? He had a one-handed dunk in the all-star game that was out of this world. He was all-effort all weekend long. He's a super athlete who loves to slash, play at the rim and get things done around the basket. We hesitate to put a position label on his because he's not that kind of guy. He prefers taking to the rim to shooting it and is a max effort guy with springs in his legs.

Chris Berry, PF: He's a mid-major standout recruit. Berry did make a few medium-range jumpers on Sunday but made his name for himself this week by busting his tail on the boards and putting back shots.

Jawann McClellan, SG: Terrific weekend. In his final camp game he scored 26 points and was busting 3s from way behind the arc. He was a bonafide scoring machine all weekend long.

Arron Afflalo, SG: He went for 21 in his last game before the all-star game. He made a bucket out of the post, and did some nice things passing the ball. Afflalo's jumper hasn't been on target for most of the weekend which has led to him pressing some, but this kid is a major talent.

2006 Checklist

Nic Wise, PG: Committed early to Arizona and made the game-winning 3-pointer in the all-star game. The power packed point guard wasn't intimidated by the players here and made a nice name for himself over the course of the weekend.

2007 Checklist (2007? Are You Serious?)

Taylor King, SF: This 8th grader is headed to Mater Dei next season where his well-rounded game will be welcomed. All he did this weekend was make the top all-star game and prove that he's an excellent prospect. He's got range, touch and a feel for the game that is uncommon in most kids his age. He's a big time prospect who went for double-digits in the all-star game.

Off The Dribble

Lorenzo Keeler has a big time stroke from downtown and will be a fine mid-major recruit… Sophomore Lawrence Hill, playing in the power forward slot, got a lot done this weekend. He's athletic and gets after it inside… Sunday's top moment was when some chatter got out of hand in a camp game and all of the sudden McClellan and Afflalo were going at it one-on-one in a Pac-10 preview…

Mohamed Tangara had a fine weekend and continues to make strides with his game. As good a defender as he is in the post, he still had problems with Swift and that tells you how good the Southern Cal recruit is going to be…

News & Notes Justin Cerasoli lists Ohio State, Memphis, Seton Hall, Villanova and Auburn. He says that he'll make another unofficial visit to Ohio State when small forward Malik Hairston decides to officially visit, whenever that may be… Guard Perick Robinson (pronounced Per-ique) lists Southern Illinois, St. Louis and Illinois State as a few favorites…

Big man Aaron Agnew has shown a commitment to basketball by trimming 30 pounds off his frame. Dayton, Xavier, Duquesne and Pittsburgh has shown a commitment to him by offering scholarships. He also likes Cincinnati, Florida State, Kentucky, Wake Forest and Louisville… "That's where I wanted to go since I was little," Afflalo said of UCLA, the school he'll attend in the fall of 2004… 


Blue 76, White 73 (OT): Not only are all-star games rarely competitive, but when is the last time you saw a high school all-star game go into overtime? Well, it happened on Sunday at the Pangos Top 40 game.

Lorenzo Keller, a shooting guard on the White team, drained what appeared to be the game-winning pull-up jumper. However, Antonio Kellogg was fouled as time expired and went to the line with his team trialing by a point. Kellogg made the first free and missed the second attempt, sending the game into overtime.

Nic Wise ended the sudden death session with a right-wing 3-pointer to give his team the win. The freshman point guard's deep triple was a fitting way to end a good weekend for himself.

The Blue stars were slow getting out of the gate and fell behind early as guard Robert McIver couldn't miss from downtown. He hit three 3-poniters in the first 10 minutes of the game as his team took an early 17-8 lead.

Clifford Clinksdale of the Blue squad then began reeling McKiver and the boys back in. The New York native scored 7 points and handed out 6 assists to go with his three steals. Clinksdale would have been our pick for the MVP of the game if one had been named. His work all weekend long warrants attention.

McKiver and Chris Berry each scored 10 points each in the loss. Draelon Burns of Milwaukee led the way with 14 points.

GAME NOTES: Like the Top 20 game, a 20-minute running clock was used in both halves… Marcel Jones, Titus Shelton and Brett Hoerner were named to the game but Jones was not in attendance on Sunday and Hoerner and Shelton were injured. They were replaced by Perick Robinson and Joseph Johnson…

Top 40 All-Star Game Selections:  
Nic Wise (2006), Clifford Clinksdale (2004), Antonio Kellogg (2004), Matt Sargeant (2004), Matthew Thomas (2004), Kyle Weaver (2004), Marcel Jones (2004), Sammy Hernandez (2005), Lawrence Hill (2004), Todd Follmer (2004), Titus Shelton (2005). 
Rico Tucker (2004), Lorenzo Keeler (2004), Ralph MIley (2004), Robert McKiver (2004), Curtis Allen (2004), Draelon Burns (2004), Chris Berry (2004), Chris Berry (2004), Shane Clark (2005), Tai Wesley (2004), Ephraim Johnson (2004), Brett Hoerner (2005). 
Perick Robinson (2004), Kyle Brucculeri (2004), Tim Shelton (2007), Joseph Johnson (2006).

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