Dec. 19 Pre-Fiesta bowl: David Shaw

With finals week now come and gone, the Stanford football team returned to the practice field Monday afternoon with its sights firmly on the Fiesta Bowl and the Card's matchup with Oklahoma State. The Bootleg was on hand after Monday's practice for Cardinal coach David Shaw's meeting with members of the local media.

Below is a partial transcript of David Shaw's meeting with the media.

Good to get back in the start of more of a routine this week?

David Shaw: Yeah, it's been great. Guys are out of school so we're able to meet in the morning, give them a break for lunch, then they come out in the afternoon and get after it like we do.

Is it kind of similar to how it was the first couple of weeks of the year before classes start? Do you run it similar to that?

DS: Similar. Time wise, we used more time before, but this late in the year, we're on our late year practice schedule, so we're not practicing over two hours. We're still under two hours. But as far as the mentality and mode, instead of meeting, meeting, meeting and then get on the field, we get the meetings done in the morning, give them a break, then get after it on the field.

Is there any loss of sharpness after finals?

DS: There hasn't been. As coaches we've been looking for it, and the guys have come out with great energy. I think the fact that we only practiced three days last week then gave them Sunday off helped them out. We've got a good, conscientious group. They were in the training room, got their legs back. We'll have an even longer practice tomorrow and I think they'll respond.

Is there a particular position group which the rest has benefited the most?

DS: There's no question it's the tight ends. All of them have missed time all year. Levine's legs are coming back, Zach's legs are coming back. Coby's legs are coming back because now he's not taking every rep. He has a chance to rotate with some other guys. I'll even say Davis Dudchock has come in and been able to spell us. He got in a game a few games ago and we feel more comfortable with him coming and getting reps. So to go from one tight end a few weeks ago to four tight ends getting reps today has been great.

As a courtesy, do the guys tell you their plans for next season if they're going to go pro so that way you can maybe take some younger kids and give them a little bit more to get them ready?

DS: All I've told those guys is make your decision after the bowl game, not to worry about it now. For us, we're taking a lot of time with the young guys anyway to get them ready, so if another guys leaves then we're prepared , but if the guys don't leave we still want to get them as much work as we can during this time period.

How will that process work as far as your involvement with those guys?

DS: We talked with those prospective guys before the season started, talked to them again right at the end of the year and just told them hey, just push it off. There's no rush to do anything except for finish this game and see how they feel after that.

Will they get feedback and projections?

DS: Yeah, at some point, the NFL has a great program where they give you an idea. It's of course no guarantee, but it's an idea, and we'll handle that stuff after the season.

I apologize if it's already been covered, but I see Wayne Lyons is back, at least with a shell, was there any update on his status?

DS: No. He brought his helmet out, he's not even wearing cleats. He brought his helmet out just to work on the JUGS machine. He's not ready to run, he's not ready to go through individual. We think he's going to be ready for the first week of spring, but probably not any time before that. He would love to burn his redshirt and play, but that's not going to happen. He's not going to be healthy, it's not even a choice. He can't go.

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