Poetry Corner: "Bonnie the Bomber"

The Bootleg is proud to present the first-ever Women's Basketball edition of "Poetry Corner". Former Stanford point guard and fast-rising media maven Ros Gold-Onwude takes pen in hand to express the sheer madness of the Cardinal's latest downtown bomber, 6-3 true freshman forward Bonnie Samuelson!

Poetry Corner: "Bonnie the Bomber"


Oh, it's Bonnie the Bomber.

Who else could it be?

Mere mortals take layups.

She savors the three.


Start in close to warm up?

Ease into the shot?

There are ice cubes warmer than Bonnie

when she takes that first pop.


While others must go

to the O sisters inside,

Bonnie gives them a wink &

says, I got you next time!


She's got the green light.

Official word from Tara.

Bonnie can shoot whenever

she's open from afar-a


Sag off to double Nneka?

She hopes that's the case.

Sit in a zone?

Now that's a mistake!


Give her the trey.

The two you can keep.

Adele has nothing on her,

Bonnie's "rollin in the deep".


Oh, it's Bonnie the Bomber.

The deep bomb assassin.

When she gets in the game

she's starting off blastin'. 

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