Admitted and committed: DE Nate Lohn

Stanford's already strong defensive line class received a major boost Friday night when the Cardinal received a commitment from Missouri defensive end Nate Lohn. Lohn, who had been leaning to Stanford for several months, made his decision after being admitted to the school on Thursday.

"I believe it was around 6 p.m. [on Friday] I spoke to Coach Shaw," Nathanael Lohn said. "I think he figured I was going to commit. I think he kind of thought I might have already been committed but I just wanted to make it official, so I called him around 6."

"He said, ‘Congratulations, that's awesome, we're looking forward to having you and we're excited.'"

After Lohn made his choice, he was in touch with a number of Stanford commits.

"Graham Shuler called me, he wanted to say congratulations and all that," Lohn said. "I got to know him pretty well on my official visit. We're excited to play together. Besides that, I got admitted to the Facebook group of all the Stanford commits and everyone on Facebook was pretty excited for me."

Lohn's commitment was preceded by his admission to Stanford. On Thursday night, Lohn got a call from Shaw with some long-awaited news.

"I found Thursday night I was admitted," Lohn said. "I kind of just spend the night praying about it, and Friday night, I committed."

The call marked the end to a long, and at times uncertain, process for Lohn.

"I submitted my application in October and there were I guess some things that were missing," Lohn said. "I think the teacher evaluations were the big things that got messed up, and I didn't check one of the boxes somewhere. So the full thing was in [by] late November. It took a little bit longer than I had imagined, but they have a lot of stuff to do over there.

"I was ecstatic that I got the news. I wanted to make sure I got really good grades this semester, so I probably worked harder than I'd ever worked in school this semester to make sure I got all A's. I'm sure that helped out a lot with the application. There were times where it would start to get stressful, but I knew I was going to end up where I was supposed to be no matter what. If I didn't get accepted I probably would have been sad, but it's okay because I would have been where I'm supposed to be. But I believed Stanford is where I was supposed to be, and I kind of told the coaches that if I got accepted I would commit back in early December."

Soon after he made his decision, Lohn was in touch with his future position coach, Randy Hart, and his regional recruiter, Mike Sanford.

"Coach Hart was really excited for me," Lohn said. "We just talked about what does and where he wants to see me come in at weight-wise [ten pounds heavier.]. And Coach Sanford was very excited for me. I think of all the eight guys that were his guys to recruit, all eight of them got accepted and committed. I was the last one of his recruits."

Lohn was also advised about his chances of earning playing time as a true freshman.

"It's probably just see what happens," Lohn said. "Coach Sanford was pretty optimistic about me playing early, so that's the goal for me, come in and play. Obviously we'll have to see what the coaches want and everything. I'm willing to redshirt, but obviously the goal is to start helping out the Cardinal out right away."

Either way, Lohn said Stanford was the best fit for him because of the caliber of people at the school.

"I just think that the people there are people who strive to do the best they can do and be the best they can be, and I think those kind of people are great to be around," Lohn said of his future school. "I like to think of myself as someone who's somewhat like that, who wants to be the best they can be at something, and Stanford is full of those people. I think that opportunity is pretty incredible, whenever you can just be around extraordinary people every day, then that's something that's always to be desired."

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