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May/June Issue of The Bootleg Magazine

We proudly charge that this final issue of the 2002-03 year is our most balanced and charged edition yet. The Stanford diamond dandies take the cover, and rightfully so, but inside we also hit football and basketball. We have probing commentary, touching rememberances and but-gusting humor. This issue is a compelling product that calls you to subscribe, with Year Two coming shortly. You can also <A href="">contact us</A> to buy this or other back issues.

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If you missed our last issue of the school year (the May/June issue), you missed perhaps our best issue yet.  We brought you the delicate balance of timely late-spring stories on baseball, football and basketball while also wrapping up the 2002-03 year.  Cardinal Athletics have a myriad of individual heroes to champion from a year of continued competitive excellence, but we also are left to reflect on the passing of several Stanford sports heroes.  This edition touches on all the important stories and issues on the minds of Cardinalmaniacs, and we are proud to wrap up Year One of our print publication in magnificent fashion. 

  • We have received lots of positive feedback about our cover story – The $2 Million Education. The voice of Cardinal baseball, Chad Goldberg, took an in-depth look into why Stanford ball players choose The Farm over the money when drafted out of high school.  There have been many examples over the years, but Chad takes a close look at the story behind the story for four current Cardinal players – John Mayberry, Jr. (who was featured on the magazine cover), Brian Hall, Mark Romanczuk and Chris Carter.
  • Mike Eubanks reported on the spring football goings-on in his Spring Brings Winds of Change.  The practices were filled with personnel moves and "attitude adjustments."  The unveiling of the new schemes, as well as the unending string of position moves, made this one of the most exciting springs to watch in a long time.
  • It has been a rough season for the greatest sport of all, the sport of life.  In the past six months, the Stanford family has been saddened by the passing of former Athletic Director Joe Ruetz, the loss of team physician Dr. Robert Jamplis, and the untimely death of beloved Rose Bowl hero and longtime team physician Dr. Don Bunce.  Also during this time came two sober reminders of the passage of time, the ascendance into Stanford Heaven of two of the all-time great college sports figures: basketball's Hank Luisetti and football's Frank Albert.  Jim Rutter has the story of these Legends Lost.
  • Stan DeVaughn checks in with the third part in his continuing series of The State of the Program.  Stan argues that poor marketing, an outdated stadium and the university's refusal of allowing the football team to schedule a 12th game is ample evidence of ambivalence at the top of the university towards big-time football success at Stanford.
  • This issue also introduced a new feature - The Bootleg's Honor Roll. Each academic year, The Bootleg's Honor Roll will recognize the top ten Stanford student-athletes who have performed at an exceptional level, with athletic accomplishments that are both extraordinary and inspirational.  In this story, we reveal the 30 finalists for this prestigious award.
  • If you still have not made the journey to Rosenblatt Stadium for the College World Series, the please read Joe Ritzo's Heaven in the Heartland.  Joe gives us the local scoop and explains why the Omaha venue is a purist's dream.
  • Mike Eubanks takes a look back at the hoops season and where the squad stands today in his Hoops Status Report.  In a storybook season, there were far more events to celebrate than denigrate, as the squad overachieved in the win category despite a cadre of questions.  Literally every player on the roster showed noticeable improvements from the prior season, and the team maintained perfect chemistry and harmony.  So, where do we go from here?
  • Mike continues his hoop talk with a discussion on recruiting – Hoops Recruiting Hysteria.  This time of year is the most stressful for the Stanford coaches as they watch and prioritize recruits within their database of 750 juniors (2004 class) during narrow NCAA evaluation periods.  Three of Stanford's four scholarships are earmarked for big men.  So far, the lone commitment is from 6'10" Virginia center Peter Prowitt.  But, there are several hot targets for Monty and his staff to pursue.

The May/June issue also featured The Post of the Month (a tribute to Don Bunce), an open letter to Mr. William Moos (the Athletic Director at the University of Oregon) and Letters to the Editor (subject: LSJUMB).

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