July 20 7-on-7 Report

With a lot of buzz surrounding the prospects of 2001 Stanford football, Cardinalmaniacs are keenly interested in the details of the current unofficial summer workouts. YCF has stepped up to get a look at what's happening. Here is his first report...

It did not feel much like a typical football practice.  No coaches, no helmets, no cherry picker with the blaring air horn.  But the most essential part of a practice was still in attendance: the players.  Despite having more of a grade school football game at lunch, there was still things to be learned.

After some short warm ups, the offense and defense broke into separate groups.  The playing field was about fifty yards long and had a cone to mark every ten yards.  Each side would make substitutions at will.  The quarterback was changed every possession.

The three quarterbacks were Fasani, Lewis, and Eklund.  To tell the truth, I could not find Teyo Johnson anywhere, but I may have just missed him.  In fact, many of the players were not out there.  However, most of the players that were absent were the big linemen who can't contribute much in 7-on-7's.  Also, I couldn't find Kerry Carter as well.  I suspect that they were with the linemen or that I had simply failed to spot them.

It was good to see Amon Gordon out there.  I asked him afterwards about the injury.  He said with full confidence that he was "good to go." I also stopped Fasani and asked him who was injured.  He told me that the team is very healthy overall.  

Brett Pierce caught two touchdown passes over the middle.  Let's see if he can translate that into touchdowns in game play.

Caleb Bowman once again displayed his exceptional speed.  Unfortunately, he also dropped two passes when he clearly had his man beat.  Surprisingly though, he did haul in a forty-yard bomb.

It was not a particularly good day for the quarterbacks, but not a bad one either.  There seemed to be a lot of over throws, but on the other side, there were no interceptions.  I guess it was because they had the benefit of not having Matt Leonard and gang breathing down their backs the entire time.

Randy Fasani carried all the cones back after the practice.  I told him that the quarterbacks shouldn't have to do that kind of work.  He seemed to agree.

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