Q&A: Levine Toilolo

After losing all of 2010 to injury, tight end Levine Toilolo came back last year and had a strong season as a member of the "Tree Amigos" tight end corps, alongside Coby Fleener and Zach Ertz. The Stanford offense made extensive use of three tight-end formations, with different players taking their turns in the spotlight.

All that might change this year, as Fleener departs for the NFL with no obvious replacement. The Bootleg caught up with Toilolo after practice last week, to get his thoughts on the spring so far and what the tight end group will look like in the fall.

The Bootleg: How has the second session of spring practice been so far?

Levine Toilolo: It's good. It's been great to get back out here through the first couple of practices, just trying to get back out there and get better every day.

What's your plan to replace the production from Coby Fleener?

LT: I think it falls on all of us as an offense. We have to find the guy up front who's going to get the job done protecting for grinding the ball and running the ball. As an offense, I think the best thing is just to spread it out as much as we can.

Do you think you guys are going to use three tight-end sets like you did last year, or will there be a change in strategy?

LT: I have no idea, I'll leave that to the coaches to put us in the right position.

What's your perspective on the quarterback competition been so far?

LT: I think it's been good. They're both definitely getting better as practices go on, and I think it's a great battle right now.

Who do you think in the tight end squad has been stepping up, to maybe be the third tight end behind you and Zach?

LT: I think Davis Dudchok and Matt Kasner have both been making great strides. Both of them are working really hard on both blocking and in the passing game. In the passing game, they're playing a lot faster, and they're making great strides in the run game as well.

What have you guys been focusing on through the second session of spring practice?

LT: Right now it's just consistency—the plays that we know. Nothing's really new, so just working on doing things right every play and working on all the little things.

What's your goal by the end of spring practice? Where do you want to be?

LT: I just want to keep getting better every practice. Having Zach Ertz out there, both of us were able to take the coaching points that Coach Crook and Coach Turner give us as well as where we see each other on the field. We're just trying to get better every practice.

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