Q&A: Ryan Hewitt

As fresh faces abound the starting offensive corps, tight end/fullback Ryan Hewitt will bring some steadiness to the unit. Hewitt is one of Stanford's more versatile players. Though he's not a two-way player in the mold of Owen Marecic, Hewitt transitioned with ease between fullback and tight end last season, and figures to do the same this year, especially with the departure of Coby Fleener.

Hewitt spoke with the media after the team's open practice on Saturday, giving his thoughts on the team's prospects for this season and on playing more than one position.

What were your impressions from today's practice, and the second session of spring practice so far?

Ryan Hewitt: We've had our ups and downs on both sides of the ball, and today it kind of showed. Offense made some big plays and the defense made some sacks. We got after each other pretty well. It's kind of what you expect at this point. We're just trying to clean everything up on offense as far as snap count, fumbled snaps and all that. It's going alright.

I saw that you guys were doing a lot of stuff with the snap count today, and there were a lot of flags thrown. How much of a focus has that been?

RH: It's a huge focus right now. That's something that, as a team, you can't afford to make those types of mistakes. You can't lost five yards for something as simple as a snap count. We've been focusing on that because it's an avoidable penalty.

What would your assessment be of how well you avoided that today?

RH: We got a ways to go. It's just a lack of focus on every play by one guy, maybe a couple of guys who jump. We'll be alright; we'll figure it out.

What about the transition without Andrew Luck? How is the offense going to be? It's a big loss there.

RH: It is, it's different not playing behind Andrew, but it is a matter of getting confident behind the new quarterback, whoever that'll be. Right now, it's going pretty well. As long as they show confidence, run the huddle well and do what they're supposed to do, they'll get all the other 10 guys to play well, to play behind them.

Are you going to split time this year between tight end and fullback, especially since Coby Fleener is not here anymore? Do you think you're going to stick mostly at fullback? At tight end?

RH: I've been working a little bit of tight end stuff and fullback stuff. I just want to do as much and whatever they'll let me do. I'm just going to try and make plays and do as much as I can, and help the team in as many ways as possible.

Out of those two positions, if you had to pick only one, which would it be? Where do you have more fun?

RH: They're both a blast. They both have their own unique characteristics. They're both fun; I enjoy them both.

What's your perspective on the quarterback competition so far? Who do you think has been standing out?

RH: I would say it's between Brett Nottingham and Josh Nunes right now. They're both doing well, they both have done a lot of good things, and they've both made mistakes. Quite frankly, I think it'll come down to whichever one makes the fewest mistakes and just runs the offense well, does what they're supposed to do.

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