Langford Loves Visit

One result of the increasingly early recruiting schedule which so many prep hoopsters are embracing is that official visits often spring in the spring of their junior years. Stanford was the recipient of a few such trips, and none appeared to pay dividends more important than that of noted power forward Kevin Langford.

If you've been waiting for a spike of good news with Stanford basketball recruiting, this story may be just what the doctor ordered.  You know the name of Ft. Worth (TX) power forward Kevin Langford, as someone not only who carries a recognizable family name but also as someone who we have been following in this recruiting class for more than half a year.  It has been well documented that Stanford needs a horde of frontcourt talent in this 2004 recruiting class, and with center Peter Prowitt already in the fold, that has our attention finely tuned to the PF position.  Langford may now be the best bet in the country for the Cardinal at that spot.

Why?  Because he took an official visit out to Stanford in mid-May and tells The Bootleg that it was a fantastic experience.  And in all the times that I have talked with Langford, I have never heard him talk with such enthusiasm or at such length on any recruiting topic, as when he reported on this visit.

"I really didn't know what to expect," he says of the visit to The Farm.  "But I really enjoyed myself.  The players and coaches were all great.  I got along with everyone really well - they made me feel like one of them."

Langford says he spent a lot of time with Josh Childress and Justin Davis, including going to a class with Childress.  The time he spent with this pair and the other guys on the team was a critical part of his evaluation of Stanford people and the Stanford experience, he says.  "All my questions were answered with what I saw and what I did," he explains.  "I wanted really to find out were there enough people who wanted to go out and do fun stuff - recreational stuff.  Turns out the guys are a lot more normal than I expected."

The rising Texas senior reports that in addition to hanging out, he went with all the Stanford players out to a movie.  It also didn't hurt that he had a great time playing some pick-up basketball with the guys in Maples Pavilion.  "I think I had really good chemistry with them on the court," Langford offers.  "The made me feel like I was on the team and encouraged me to take my shots."

He also spent quality time with Mike Montgomery and the rest of the Cardinal coaching staff.  "We went out at one point to eat - just me and the coaches," he reveals.  "We talked about totally normal stuff, like the NBA and AAU basketball.  We also talked about the [Stanford] application, and they told me I needed to get that in.  I turned it in about two weeks ago with all my recommendations."

With that application submitted, the only piece that remains for Langford's Stanford admissions decision is his board score.  He took the SAT earlier this month and expects to have his score any day.  That score will then allow the application to go to the desk of the Admissions Office, which will be able to make a decision this summer.  And a favorable decision could then open the door for Langford to receive a full and unconditional offer from the Cardinal coaches.  How does he overall see Stanford in light of all that is transpiring?

"I can really say that I'm really, really interested in Stanford right now.  I had the best time there," he gushes.  And as we know through the years of following Stanford recruiting, those kinds of effusive comments are barely concealed code for a favorable recruiting decision.  Still, Langford is careful to recognize that his trip to The Farm is the first and only official visit he has taken, and he says he would like to take more when his senior year starts back up in August.  He says that his current top five are Stanford, Georgia Tech, Auburn, Virginia and Kansas.  "I want to make my decision before I start my senior season in early November," he offers.

Langford will continue to play his AAU basketball this summer with Team Texas.  They are hitting a slew of major national tournaments this spring and summer, including the Rumble in the Bronx this past weekend, the Nike Peach Jam, the Adidas Big Time and other tournaments in Arizona and Los Angeles.

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