Stanford football quotables

One of the perks of writing for The Bootleg is the chance to scour the archives to pick out spoken gems which have stood the test of time. Here's the latest smorgasbord, which begs the question: Does LeBron James still have visions of Mark Bradford?

"This is Stanford, and a lot of the players here didn't come just to play football, like they do at Oklahoma. But I don't care about the Stanford image. I've never liked that. I'm here to play football."
– David Wyman, 1984, in between striking fear into Pac-10 foes from his linebacker slot, making sure everyone knew where his priorities stood.

"Don't ask me who my quarterback is, okay? They didn't have a good day, but they didn't have much to go on, in terms of what UCLA took away from us. We have to go back and do a lot of work to get some continuity."
– Jack Elway, avoiding the obvious question following the infamous 49-0 home loss to UCLA in 1987. After losing its first three games with Greg Ennis under center, the Cardinal fell to 0-4 with Scott Stark getting the starting nod.

"I knew he hated these pants. But it's the last game (this season), all he could do is make me run laps in the morning. So I said, 'The team,' – and I stressed the team – 'really likes the red pants.'"
– Bob Whitfield, on how he convinced head coach Denny Green to led Stanford wear those crazy red pants for the 1989 Big Game.

"I used to be a guy who was reluctant to do that. That's why I dropped 20 pounds over the summer. I wanted to at least be a mediocre runner."
– Jason Palumbis, never known as an elusive quarterback, on his key fourth-down scramble for a first down late in the 1990 upset at No. 1 Notre Dame.

"He struggled a little bit, but we got him in. We knew he wasn't going to sink, but we didn't know if he could swim. He did a little dog-paddling."
– Darrien Gordon, commenting on the postgame scene that celebrated the Aloha Bowl-clinching victory at Washington State. He and his teammates tossed Denny Green into an indoor swimming pool.

"The first game was a shocker for me because I thought we would move the ball against anybody, having had that experience in the NFL."
Bill Walsh, explaining why the 10-7 season-opening loss to Texas A&M was such a reality check.

"You can beat up our tree as much as you want, as long as we win the football game."
– Kailee Wong, showing very little regard for the Stanford Tree, who was on the receiving end of a mighty beating from Cal students following the 1996 Big Game.

"Oh my God – finally."
– Brandon Harrison, after Stanford beat Washington for its lone victory of 2006.

"LeBron (James) was a ninth grader and the kid is going up for the winning shot and Mark came off his man and with this incredible vertical leap, he tomahawked the ball off the backboard,"
– Kevin Bell, friends with Mark Bradford since childhood, remembering his old pal met LeBron head during an AAU Under-14 national championship hoops game

"I don't rush anything. But he's been outstanding."
– Jim Harbaugh, 2008, asked if true freshman Andrew Luck would be joining the early-season race for starting quarterback.

"My feeling is that it was a horrendous call."
Chris Marinelli, after being called for a clipping penalty late in his team's 2009 loss to Wake Forest. The flag negated a long Toby Gerhart run that appeared to set the stage for a tiebreaking field goal attempt.

"I saw a couple of guys checking their phones at halftime. It would be hard not to. That's always in the back of our minds."
– Luck, after a 38-0 rout of Oregon State secured a BCS bowl bid. Had LSU not lost to Arkansas on the same day, the Cardinal may have been destined to the Alamo Bowl.

"It was 55 to whatever, and we probably ran the same play 12 or 13 times in a row, and about 25 or 30 times in that game."
David Shaw, last year, on the power of simplicity that resulted in his team's 55-21 thrashing of USC in 2009.

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