Stanford About to Get First in 2002 Hoops Class

Cardinalmaniacs have been salivating over the prospect of a blue chip recruit from Raleigh, NC and the current Raleigh Heat AAU team. Well, Stanford appears to soon get just that for their first commitment in the 2002 class, though maybe not the name you are thinking of...

In a development that comes as a surprise in the recruiting world, it looks like Stanford may be making their move for a ball-handler in Raleigh, North Carolina combo guard Shawan Robinson (6'2" 165#). With Tony Giovacchini graduating this coming year, the Stanford staff has been looking for a someone to provide a third stabilizing person to run the offense. Whether Shawan would project as a shooting guard or point guard in the next few years is tough to say, but he can handle the ball awfully well for sure.

Shawan is one of the names you might not know from the high profile Raleigh Heat AAU squad. With the likes of Shavlik Randolph, Michael Thompson and Matt Walsh starting alongside him, that's understandable. But this starting point guard has come on very strong this spring and summer, moving him into some Top 100 lists (e.g. Dave Telep, Bob Gibbons). Hmm... an East Coast player coming into his own from relative obscurity in the recruiting ranks, nabbed by Stanford: sound familiar?

Robinson told me that he has already submitted his application to Stanford, which is what set off the cardinal light for me. The staff doesn't push recruits whimsically through Old Union this early unless they are likely to make an offer this early. Shawan said that the staff told him the offer would come as soon as he is excepted. The question then is how admissions will receive him. The numbers are a 3.5 GPA and 1100 SAT, and the staff said that his application overall looked very good when they saw it. The numbers aren't a slam dunk, but I think he's likely to get the nod.

Will Shawan then pull the trigger to accept the offer? While he didn't give a 100% definitive answer, he is leaning that way. "It's a long way from home, North Carolina, but it makes the most sense. It's the best thing for me to do." Other prominent schools in Shawan's recruitment have included programs much closer to his home, like Wake Forest, Clemson and Tennessee. In a vacuum, this looks like a match about to be set. Though one prominent recruiting guru suggested that if Wake were to offer, he might have to seriously consider staying closer to home.

I'll keep Booties posted with the latest, which should play out in the next week or two.

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