Chet Stachitas Profile & Update

One of the better students and more talented wings in this 2002 class is 6-4 wing Chet Stachitas of St. Augustine, Florida. He came to the Big Time with the Atlanta Celtics, and showed his talents to the world. Find out more about this Stanford recruit, and his unofficial visit to the Farm.

Chet is a very good shooter who plays smart, with a well-rounded game. He can put the ball on the floor and hit the pull-up jumper as well, and isn't afraid to mix it up. He suffered a bit at times on offense when his team was under pressure, as evidenced in their quarterfinal loss to the Tim Thomas Playaz. Chet was all over the score sheet in the first half, getting the ball on the perimeter and slashing through the middle. But when his team trailed by 10-14 points in the second half, his teammates stopped passing and each tried to make the comeback all on their own. Still, he was high scorer on his team, even ahead of NBA-bound Sani Ibrahim. I saw enough in three games to see an intelligent player who hustles. In a more set team offense, I see the potential for him to star.

His defensive intensity is a big part of his game, as well. From tip to buzzer, he gets after his man every second, and has a watchful eye on the rest of the court, looking for steal opportunities. When I talked with a Princeton coach after one of Chet's games, the defense was what had him most excited. To be fair, I have to say that his excellence on that end of the court doesn't come from exceptional quickness, but instead from position and hustle. One area for development would be rebounding and jumping. He has to have the ability to get up, as he has been a successful competitive high jumper, but he needs to actively assert himself in that facet of his game. His overall athleticism is similar to a Matt Lottich, but needs to be applied in the paint.

I then talked to Chet's father, Len, who turns out to be a regular consumer of The Bootleg. (He had mostly good things to say about the residents of the HoopsBoard ). Both he and Mrs. Stachitas are Penn grads, though they are not pressuring Chet toward the Quakers. The Ivies are giving a lot of attention to Chet (the Princeton coach only half-concealed his panic over the prospect of Stanford offering Chet), but Stanford would be hard to pass up, both financially and competitively. Len has been out to see Stanford while on business in the area previously. He met with the coaches, and was complimentary of the both the campus and staff. The whole family is accompanying Chet for an unofficial visit on Monday. Only Russell Turner will be there to host, as Monty, Tony and Rev will all be out on the recruiting trail. I should know more about Chet's Stanford recruitment after he and his family return to Florida. Stay tuned.

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