Dirty Dozen: The Haiku Edition

Pac-12 overview / Only here we use haiku / The Dirty Dozen ... Give TreeBoy a raise / In rhyme, we will sing his praise / Thanks for the chuckles


New man calling shots
Big win early; feeling good
Oh for Oregon

Arizona State

Riding high down south
Blessed with depth at quarterback
Cactus shade gives rest


Tedford can't buy wins
New home won't absolve the sins
Beware quick Sandy


Respect nearly gone
No more cougars on schedule
Boulder longs for snow


No time is wasted
Molting to showcase feathers
Fattened by cupcakes

Oregon State

Living the charmed life
Old, wise Riley sets the tone
Pundits sipping juice


CenturyLink stink
Woken from BCS dream
A house divided


Culture changes tune
Old foes still remain nearby
Return to glory?


Perfection denied
Cancelled New York travel plans
See through depth chart woes


Trouble scoring points
Populace doesn't drink pints
Ute is not a word


Black out was lights out
Pride reclaimed from Cardinal
Ducks still cause nightmares

Washington State

Disappointed fans
Flying the flag of last place
Mike Price was the man

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