The Dirty Dozen: Dating Profile Edition

Hot one weekend, cold the next. The fickle but fun Pac-12 has drawn several comparisons. This week, it's examined through the perspective of a dating profile.

Just had my heart broken and so I took a little time off, but when I'm on my game I can keep up with anyone! Plus, now that I got a makeover this past year, it's that much harder to slow me down. One pet peeve: I hate running.

Arizona State
Diamond in the rough. The other girls might get all the attention, but I think I'm as exciting as anyone! I practically worship the sun – love to tan! Confessions: I can get a bit out of control and I have this weird obsession with the color maroon.

I've had some tough experiences in my recent past, but I think they've made me stronger. You never know what you're going to get from me: one day I may be feeling down, but the next day, I'll be the life of the party. If nothing else, I'll always keep you on your toes! Nature freak and 420 friendly are musts.

Loveable loser seeks understanding companion during a rough stretch (USC, Oregon and Stanford on deck). Will sweep you off your feet when you least expect it. Enjoys alpine sports, loves to party.

Some of my friends would say I'm stubborn or have a bad attitude, but since when was it a bad thing for a girl to know what she wants? Some of these so-called friends have been begging me to change, but I'm a great relationship manager as is, and it's asinine to suggest otherwise. Okay, okay, I'm not perfect: some of my pitches may fall a tad short and sometimes I'll flat drop the ball, but I usually have enough wonderful traits to redeem myself in the end -- or at least make it really exciting for us both!

(Looks virtually flawless, just posts picture and doesn't need to bother writing a description)

Oregon State

I'll admit it – in the past, I've been in my big sister's shadow, but recently, I've been kicking butt and taking names. Right now, I'm having the best time I've had in years. In fact, I had a nasty injury this past week but I haven't broken stride one bit. Must love living in a rural community and be able to rock some hunting gear.

My motto is that rules were made to be broken, and anyone who tries to stop me is just a hater. Not to brag or anything, but I come from a classy background and I think it shows in how I carry myself every day. Yes, I do know celebrities and yes I love to party, but when it comes down to business, I can work just as hard as I play.

In retrospect, I placed a lot of unfair expectations upon myself earlier. So I had to take a few lumps and only now am I starting to figure out who I really am. Crazy but true: I once got in crazy trouble for running a gambling pool.

I've recently moved out West from a family of teetotalers. Some folks here say I don't belong and some think I will never fit in, but just give me some time and I'll rock it here soon enough. In the meanwhile, I'd love for a local to show me around though, because I keep getting lost!

I've already seen a lot of tough things in my life (LSU, Stanford, USC and Oregon in the first six games), but I came into my own when I stood up to the bully on the block. Now, with most of my biggest challenges behind me, I think I'm poised for greatness. People say I'm too into myself, but I can't help if I think I'm awesome and want the world to know it!

Washington State
Forget what that Colorado girl says, I'm your original loveable loser. I may not be the prettiest girl on the block, but hey, at least I'm consistent – you know what you're getting with me. Bonus points if you love pirates.

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