TWISH: American Pie

Don McLean – the songwriter, not the former UCLA forward – serves as the inspiration for a special musical version of "This Week in Stanford History." As you ring in the New Year and gear up for Tuesday's Rose Bowl, make sure it includes this cover of "American Pie."

(Original lyrics are here.)

A long, long time ago, I can still remember how Stanford football made me smile
When games kicked off half past noon
Under bright skies, the Band played tunes,
Thick facemasks and high socks: '80s style

But each October, we would quiver
Title dreams far from delivered
Jack's vice was vodka tonic
Gaston Green's speed supersonic

I can't remember when it first crossed my mind
'Thusiasm Unknown t'Mankind
But we've all come a long way
Luck even better than Elway/So…

Bye, bye all you lost Saturdays
See ya later, wooden bleachers, Teddy's Tarp and The Play,
Screw the Seattle Bowl and the games on delay
The good times are now here to stay
But it wasn't always this way

Did another toss sweep to Muster,
Turn you all mad and flustered?
"We're Not Nebraska"
He told us so.

And did you believe that Nevers' ghost,
Helped Naber's kick clear the post?
To three Rose Bowls, the Vow Boys did go

Well I know that it's not your fault
Wanting Mike Leach, getting Walt
A nighttime Big Game, we cheered
Until they banned all our beer

We saw the back-up quarterback
Make clutch throws and come storming back
Since that lob to Bradford,
Oh, our fortunes, have they turned? Now we're singin'…


It's been 10 years since Buddy Ball
And Chris Lewis took one mighty fall
Black on the uniforms just shouldn't be

And long before "What's Your Deal?"
Brady Quinn, Keyshawn and Freeman McNeil
Became enemies of you and me

At halftime we cheered Frisbee dogs,
A muddy walk to The Grove, it was a slog
Just like Bookman up the middle
Don James played us like a fiddle
Until the probation hammer fell,
Then Seattle turned to football hell
To this day, the Dawgs blame Walsh
When it was Hobert's fault, And we're singin'


The Axe in our grasp, the Trench Dogs in chains
We held roses aloft, after the rain
Casey's run had them dancing in the aisles

Borchard be nimble, Fasani be quick
It was Husak who made the offense quick
Pac-10 champs, we were all smiles

But the Rose Bowl score, it gave us pause
Dreams shattered by Badger claws
Ron Dayne, a 200-yard phantom
Their fans yelling through the anthem

And so we settled for a moral victory
Bucky prevailing over The Tree
After 13 years we want more
It's time to settle a score (and we're singin'…)


I met a QB from the 408
I said: "With time to throw, you'd have been great"
But Trent just smiled and turned away

And I recalled a two-sport stud,
One-handed catches all night long
Still wondering why Teyo left for the NFL to play

And DirecTV , my preferred station
Pac-12 Networks, just imagination
Three straight BCS games, simply awesome
Rose Bowl tonic, I'll be sauced, hun

And in the era of the spread,
Power football, our foes do dread
And while SC suffers under Kiffin
On a lofty perch, we'll be sittin… so we're singin'…


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