Chasson Randle: Hot Before Arizona

Chasson Randle's improved play has coincided with Stanford's surge back into the NCAA Tournament picture. The super sophomore joined The Bootleg ahead of his team's critical road trip to Arizona.

Quick notes: Monday afternoon presser. Italics are our words; everything else is his. Answers are ordered thematically, not chronologically, for reading ease.

On his one-handed, cross-court pass Sunday to Josh Huestis:
"It was a great shot. We do practice doing offensive breakdowns, driving baseline and throwing the baseline skip. It was just a play I saw opened up.
On prompting, Randle said, yes, he can make that pass with either hand.

"Teammates, coaches told me I needed to step it up. I took it to heart. I do not want to let them down, but just get better and keep playing."

On going scoreless in the USC loss:
"It was a tough loss. If there's one game we could have back, that'd be it. There's nothing you can do about it, so you let those tough times guide you through even tougher ones.

"I couldn't tell you [the last time I went scoreless]. Maybe Pee Wee. … I had bad games in high school. I'm sure everyone has ups and downs and at times goes into a funk, and comes out of it with a vengeance. And that's what I'm trying to do now."

"What's helped me is not thinking about it and just taking what the D gives you. I'm always told here to just take what the D gives me, that you look to make a play, not the play.

On growing as a player:
"[Coach Dawkins] has been very helpful, along with all our coaches here. … Coach is always just, ‘Go out there and play. Once you do that, everything else will come. Don't overthink, and leave it on the floor.'"

"I just try to keep the work ethic up. Guys are working hard to get in shots on their own, in practice after or before. We're making a consistent effort. … Going through a screen [from Joe Burton] is all effort more than anything."

"We take our time with our film sessions to focus on opponents and what we can do better. … I make an effort to adjust what's right and wrong. On the defensive end last game versus Oregon State, I was just done watching film and was leg locked. I was watching the ball instead of the man and ball at the same time and it resulted in them scoring. So defensively, I'm working on trying to shore that up."

"I feel more comfortable just in general as a basketball player. I see plays happening now a little easier and just continue to get better. Knowing when to slow game down or call a set and get people in the right position, I got a lot better at that.

On starting cold and finishing hot on the line versus Oregon State:
"Earlier in the game, it was us not focusing enough like we should have, but we knew guys put it out there that they hate to lose, and so do I. So guys stepped up."

On Josh Huestis being named Pac-12 Player of the Week:
"It's a great honor for him," sophomore guard Chasson Randle said of Huestis. "It's a huge stepping stone for him. He deserved it for the offseason, for practice every day, for every drill in what he does, pushing us every single day."

On playing at Arizona:
"It's the one that's right here in the present. We've got a tough opponent in Arizona, but I think we'll be ready for the challenge. It's just a matter keeping the same formula, focus and determined fighting."

"I've never been there in my career, but just hearing and watching other opponents there, that environment is crazy. I'm looking forward to it and know my teammates are, so I'll be ready to go."

On the Pac-12 schedule and lack of a home-and-home round robin:
"I don't know it any other way. I'm not a big fan of being gone Wednesday to Sunday, but you just gotta deal with it. Bring all your books and laptops. Lots of emails sent back and forth. Everyone is on board trying to help me out, give me options of who I can see or what to do to get ahead or make it up."

Randle adds that he has not declared but is planning to major in psychology.

On a repeat NIT bid:
"It'd be a huge disappointment because our expectation coming into this year was not go to back there because that's where we've been before. We're looking to go forward keep it going upward."

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