Oregon State 35, Stanford 34 (Halftime)

Stanford is getting outrebounded, 24-13. Oregon State has more turnovers than assists, has yet to make a three-pointer, and is a whopping 56 percent from the line. But someone has to win, so stay tuned for what promises to be a rousing second half from Corvallis. Right now, the Beavers lead Stanford 35-34.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. And, apparently, if it's broke, don't fix it anyway… Stanford misses two layups and turns it over to start the Thursday nighter in Corvallis much like the Cardinal played last week, as Oregon State jumps ahead 7-2.

But then Chasson Randle hits a transition three. We can do that? Who knew? Oregon State's Joe Burton, he with the Ice T mohawk, goes over Dwight Powell. Powell goes around Burton. On the ticker, we see Cal and Oregon tied with under two to go.

If this isn't a sequence that defines Stanford's frustrations this season, I don't know what is: Aaron Bright goes (unnecessarily?) behind his back on a three-on-two to Huestis. Huestis, not expecting the pass, coughs up the rock. Meanwhile, someone forgets to get back on D as Oregon State has an uncontested two-footer in transition. Promising start, good effort and a good look from Stanford, but the Cardinal mess up the little things and come up short.

Anyhow, Randle has another three, Powell hits from the paint and Bright has a beautiful upcourt no-look to Huestis. It's an 11-4 run for the Card as we hit our first stoppage in play.

16-minute timeout: Stanford 16, Oregon State 13

Ugh, Cal beats Oregon by two. That puts Cal on the right side of the bubble for now. Short period as the under-16 timeout didn't come until the 13:01 mark, but hey, we're still winning!

12-minute timeout: Stanford 18, Oregon State 15

Andy Brown is on the bench with two fouls, and Stanford has five fouls nine minutes in, with Robbie Lemons the latest offender. Randle and Burton have 10 apiece, but right now Burton is on the bench. Can Stanford take advantage? Nope, they didn't go down low at all as Powell was on the bench too. Instead, we try to go down low right as Burton checks in, and he has a monstrous block. Poor awareness there.

John Gage gets off the schneid with a three, after nine consecutive misses from deep dating back to last weekend. Lemons hasn't played more than five minutes since January 3, but he's nearly there already. Meanwhile, the Card have given up seven offensive rebounds already! That and OSU in the one-and-one already have Stanford up only two despite 11-of-20 shooting, including 3-of-5 deep. Meanwhile, the Cardinal have yet to attempt a free throw. They are not playing with aggression down low!

Eight-minute timeout: Stanford 25, Oregon State 23

Burton breaks Stefan Nastic's ankles with a crossover, and then Nastic gets called for pushing off on an O board attempt, putting OSU back on the line for a one-and-one. Bright is now 0-of-3 after taking two off-balance looks – would prefer those looks to go to Stanford's bigs.

Frankly, OSU is not playing well at all tonight – eight turnovers, no made three pointers and four missed throws already. Yet the Beavers are leading, which says all you need to know about Stanford right now.

Four-minute timeout: Oregon State 29, Stanford 27

Burton on the bench again. Go down low, guys! Randle does drive the paint, but a good look just rims out. Oregon State just airballed a three. This is some ugly, ugly basketball…

Andy Brown layup and we're tied, despite Stanford currently -10 in rebounds. Oregon State's gumpy white guy has a J. Our gumpy white guy raises him one as it's a John Gage three. Bright back out there with two fouls, while Powell sits with his pair. Brown blows a layup, then Oregon State blows a layup – told you this was an ugly game – but the ball takes an extra bounce on the rim, so Chasson Randle's jump is mistimed, and Oregon State has the easy putback. There's another sequence that defines Stanford basketball as of late. Oregon State holds for the last play, and of course Roberto Nelson hits the fadeaway 12-footer off the glass just a second before the buzzer. Ugh.

Halftime: Oregon State 35, Stanford 34

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