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Since the unceremonious collapse of Rivals this past spring, we at The Bootleg have been preparing for the inevitable future of this beloved site, which begins today.

The Booty began as a subscription newsletter, transmitted by fax, mail or email some eight years ago., The Booty's net presence, grew as the Internet developed, and eventually replaced the subscription newsletter as a more real-time avenue for Cardinalmaniacs™ to get their Boot-fix. The rise of Rivals, and the high times of online advertising, provided revenues to The Bootleg that allowed subscriptions to fade away. We were in a position to provide a rapidly growing flow of Cardinalmania to tens of thousands of red-hots all over the world, seemingly for free. But the online ad market crashed back to earth, bringing Rivals down with the ship. Thus, we have come full circle to a subscription-based model, where we now ask loyal Booties to modestly contribute to this effort, in return for the world's best source for all information related to Stanford sports.

Here are the details, and I ask that you please carefully read them all the way through. We want to be clear, and avoid any confusion as Booties sign up for their subscription.

  • Right off the bat, understand that there are two non-overlapping subscriptions available to you. One is called " Insiders Pass" while the other is called " Recruiting Pass." Despite the language you may read as you select one or both of these subscriptions, they are completely separate in what they offer. What access and services you will gain from the one will be wholly separate from the other. I want to make that completely clear, since there has been confusion on this issue for many new subscribers with other sites on the Citadel network. If you want access to and recruiting sites, you will need to subscribe to both packages.
  • When you sign up for Insiders Pass, you will gain access to all premium services on At this time, that access will let you read all premium stories that we publish, ranging from practice notes to recruiting updates to commentaries. We do not expect to make every story on the site premium, but most will be. As more premium features are added to the site, like premium message boards, chat and email alerts, they will be included in Insiders Pass. In addition to all of this, you will have access to all premium stories on the other college team sites in the Citadel network. In addition to great Bootleg stories and updates, you're getting to read the great content from great sites like Dawgman, BruinReportOnline, WeAreSC, CatTracks, InsideCarolina, IrishEyes (Notre Dame), Warchant (Florida State) and more. This incredible package is priced at just $4.95 per month, or $59.95 per year. Yes, you are correct that there is currently no discount benefit to subscribing for a full year. For that reason, and because this is a new phase for your relationship with The Bootleg, we are encouraging you to sign up on a monthly basis. You will be able to explore the value we will be providing on our site, as well as the value you are gaining by reading other college team sites on the network. We are very confident you will be incredibly pleased with the value for that five dollars, and continue to subscribe in support of The Bootleg. As the new features like premium message boards and email alerts are added to The Bootleg in the next one to two months, we expect that the price will rise slightly for the monthly subscription, commensurate with the incremental value we can provide you.
  • When you sign up for Recruiting Pass, you will gain access to the outstanding recruiting sites (11 in all) and breaking information therein on the Citadel ( network. If you want scoop on Stanford football recruits in Texas or Big 12 country, Florida, the Midwest, South/Southeast, and of course out West, you'll get your fill. If you want hoops recruit scoop on the hottest and newest Stanford bball targets, either nationally or out West, this recruiting package will keep you satiated. The best recruiting names are in this package, including Jamie Newberg, David Garvin, Max Emfinger, Chris Pool, Greg Biggins, Dave Telep, Tracy Pierson & Greg Hicks. You'll be able to read all of their breaking premium updates and profiles, as well as their message boards. Coming soon will be additional premium features, including the highly anticipated national recruiting databases for both football and basketball, as well premium message boards and email alerts. This comprehensive recruiting package is priced at just $5.95 per month, or $69.95 per year. As is the case with the Bootleg package above, the added features we expect to launch in the next 60 days will bring a slightly higher price, commensurate with the incremental value you will gain from the searchable databases and added functionality.
  • Once again, these two packages are completely separate in what they offer. If you want content and services, as well as the content of other college team sites, you want Insiders Pass. But that will not get you any access to the national or regional recruiting sites on the network. For that you, have to order Recruiting Pass. If you want both and recruiting content and services, then you want to subscribe to both.
  • Ready to order? Just click on this link, or click on the "Premium Services" link on the left nav bar on this page, under "Member Services." You will be given a choice of these two separate Insiders packages. You will be asked for minimal information, including email address, date of birth, a security question, and your credit card information. At this time, only VISA and MasterCard are accepted for payment. Please make sure that you are subscribing to the correct package. You will be automatically billed to renew this package at the end of each period (be it monthly or yearly), but you may cancel at any time. With either of these packages, you will get a free trial period of 5 days to measure the value for yourself. If you do not cancel by the end of those five days, you will be billed for the first period.
  • If you would like to subscribe to both packages, please repeat this procedure for the other package after you have finished the first subscription enrollment. Revenue from both packages help to support The Bootleg, and we greatly appreciate all of your support.

If you have any questions about this information, the packages, or your new subscription(s), please email me at

Thank you for your support,
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