Curtis Borchardt Interview - Part IV

The Bootleg had a chance to sit down with Curtis Borchardt to see how he's doing and get his views on the team. C-Bo is very personable and a lot of fun to interview. In the media guide this season, C-Bo rated as his favorite site on the web so we knew we were in for a treat.

The Bootleg: Have you declared a major yet?

C-Bo: No, not yet. I'm thinking about Political Science, or possibly American Studies. But really basketball is my passion, and I just love the competitive aspect of sports in general. It's really hard at this point not envisioning myself being involved in sports in some way.

The Bootleg: How about Internet sports journalism?

C-Bo: Hey! You know, as long as I get to watch sports and enjoy them… I don't know if you guys saw me on the bench the other day, but I was just going crazy the whole game. I'm just a huge basketball fan. I don't understand how people in the stands aren't getting as excited as me. A lot of times I'll look around, and people are sitting on their hands. It doesn't make sense to me. I just enjoy sports so much, and basketball in particular.

The Bootleg: How do you feel about the Maples home environment?

C-Bo: I think Maples is great, and I don't see a lot of room for improvement. I think our fans are great - they come support us every game. There's a lot worse out there. Some places, you walk into and they're half empty. You just think, gosh, it almost sucks the life out of you. The fans at Maples have been great to me, though. Earlier this year, there were these two guys who live on campus who were the "Mantis Men." They had a poster with a mantis body and my head on it… it's just great. After the game, you have all of these kids come up to you for autographs. That's the best part - seeing all these little kids looking up to you, when ten years ago you were the one asking for it from your favorite college players. That's the most rewarding part. You see the younger fans who really appreciate what you're doing, and who really tell you what they're thinking. "Oh, you're awesome." "Get back next year." "We really miss you." That really motivates you to work harder. Not that your competitive demeanor doesn't allow you to play hard, but you want to do something really special for them. I think that might even be one of the things that drove Justin Davis, trying to show everybody what he can do. He really worked to stretch his limits athletically. The fans are great - I wouldn't change anything about them.

The Bootleg: Is that a grin or grimace on your face when you're on the court? People always say you're smiling a lot.

C-Bo: It's both. If a guy on our team makes a great play, you'll see me crack a smile. If a ref calls me for a foul, it's a smile out of frustration to keep me calm. In high school, I let my temper get the best of me… a lot. Being able to smile and laugh it off has really helped me to keep my composure on the court.

The Bootleg: But you appear to be grinning all the time. Do you have some physical condition that makes you grin so much?

C-Bo: Yes, I do. If you look at me right now, you can see my upper teeth. I can't hide them at any time. Also, I smile more than most people. The combination of my teeth always sticking out when I talk along with my tendency to want to smile really gets people to comment about my grinning.

The Bootleg: So The Wonder Years - are you serious about that? Are you old enough for that to be your favorite show? Are we talking reruns?

C-Bo: I love The Wonder Years. No, I grew up with the show. I was really young, but it was my favorite show. Everything about the show is just great. I still watch the reruns on Nick at Night whenever I get a chance. It's a feel-good show - I just liked it. There's always a lesson, and it dealt with life pretty realistically.

The Bootleg: Was Fred Savage involved in your recruitment?

C-Bo: No. I don't think the coaches knew about that at that time.

The Bootleg: Did you know that he was a rabid Sixth Man?

C-Bo: I did not know that. Great to know. Hopefully he'll come to one of these games, and I can tell him… "You inspired me when I was little."

The Bootleg: You said the one thing you'd like to bring with you from Seattle is rain. Not enough - you want more?

C-Bo: Last spring, it was just sunny every day. I just got depressed. I'm sitting around on my crutches with this heavy boot on. It's all hot and I'm sweating all day. Everybody hates the rain, but I could use the change of pace. Just like people up in Seattle could use some sunny days to change up the pace. I don't like the same thing every day. I need to live some place that will rain one day and then be bright and sunny the next.

The Bootleg: There's no danger of a transfer, now, is there?

C-Bo: No, no, no.

The Bootleg: How many hours per day do you spend on The Bootleg?

C-Bo: Probably one or two. I check it after every game because there's so much right there - boom! You can just start clicking on all the threads…

The Bootleg: As a player, how accurate do you think the posters are in their commentaries and criticism?

C-Bo: I think they're really accurate. At times, they play out things that I never think of. Sometimes, it's also easier for a spectator who doesn't see you every day to pick up on things you don't notice. Yeah, we have some pretty serious fans out there - pretty astute. It's funny you think nobody is paying attention, but the smallest little thing gets somebody's attention. You pat a guy on the butt or look at a guy on the team in a certain way after a play, and people are picking up on that. I think that's amazing. It's great to know that we have such great fans who are just basketball junkies.

The Bootleg: Do you have a favorite poster from the HoopsBoard who you'd like to single out?

C-Bo: No, not really. I think people on the board know each other better than I do. Tree Boy is always giving me shout-outs. I don't know who he is, but he's a good man - or boy, or whatever!

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