Curtis Borchardt Interview - Part III

The Bootleg had a chance to sit down with Curtis Borchardt to see how he's doing and get his views on the team. C-Bo is very personable and a lot of fun to interview. In the media guide this season, C-Bo rated as his favorite site on the web so we knew we were in for a treat.

We're back with Part III of The Bootleg's exclusive interview with Curtis Borchardt. Hope you all enjoy! And, here's to a speedy recovery for C-Bo!

The Bootleg: If we were to ask Jason (Collins), what would he say is the toughest part about practicing against you?

C-Bo: I don't really know. He knows it's hard to guard a guy in the post when a guy can shoot outside and also kind of put the ball on the floor a little bit. You have to be close enough to respect the shot but also a lot of times in practice I will put a pump-fake on Jason and go by him, too. I think, right now, the versatility of my game, he would probably mention as one of my strengths. But, I don't know, maybe it's trying to get a shot over me - you may have to ask Jason on that one.

The Bootleg: Was it Teyo that claimed a few weeks back that the 2nd team was beating the first team like 2 out of every five times they play in practice? Or something like that. Would you like to comment on that?

C-Bo: The White (2nd) team last year just got crushed - we might have won once or twice all year. And we scrimmaged every day, pretty much. This year, a lot of us are a year older and stronger and more experienced and we know what to expect. When Justin comes down and plays on the 2nd team and we have Teyo at the 3 and Julius, we have a pretty formidable team. We did beat them a few times this year. Maybe more than a few times. I heard Julius tell someone that we beat them 80% of the time and I'm like "no we didn't." But, it might be close to 40% or maybe even 45%. I mean, it was pretty even and usually pretty spirited, too. That only makes the team better and stronger.

The Bootleg: You did come in with a pretty special recruiting class to Stanford - the five of you. How tight are you guys as a class and do you recognize what special group you have and the goals you have going forward here at Stanford?

C-Bo: Yes, definitely. You got Casey and he's an All-American already and he's a sophomore. And, Justin is just starting to show everybody what he can do and it's pretty amazing. And, Julius obviously has almost as much potential as anybody athletically and he's gonna be great. We're definitely all really close and we're just starting to show everybody what we can do. We're all looking forward to our opportunity, too - starting a game. Getting the ball thrown into you in the post as the first option. I think it's been like that for a lot of guys. Jarron didn't start the first couple of years here, Mike didn't and Jason had some injury problems. You have to earn coach Montgomery's trust and I think we're going to get to that level next year. Obviously, we're gonna have to. We're going to have to establish our identity - are we going to be middle of the Pac-10 next year or are we going to be at the top of it? We're just gonna have to go out and compete and see what we can do.

The Bootleg: How much do you guys talk about national goals in the NCAA's?

C-Bo: Seems like we're talking about it a lot now because being #1 you feel a lot more pressure in that respect and you feel like anything short of a Final Four is going to be a real disappointment. That's our ultimate goal because then you have a chance to win it. So, it's on our minds a lot and it gets talked about a lot.

The Bootleg: Talk a little about recruiting and you getting recruited.

C-Bo: Stanford's recruiting is funny because for instance, Northwestern and USC probably sent me over 1,000 letters each - two, three, four every day. USC sent me a hundred letters one day, with little weird things written on them.

The Bootleg: Did that get bothersome?

C-Bo: Yes and no. It wasn't really bothersome because it does inflate your ego. But, coach Montgomery, just like he is now, calls me up and asks me what my interest is in Stanford. I said "pretty substantial," being that I worked pretty hard in school, still do. I like the basketball team - they always have good big guys and it's relatively close to Seattle. All the factors were there. He really didn't have to sell the school all that much and I don't think he ever does. He basically told me "Listen, you're not gonna get a better education anywhere and we're at the top of the Pac-10 these last few of years and we're going to remain that way with all these guys coming in." So, it was a really low-key recruitment, I maybe got a few letters, a few phone calls. Stanford University sold itself to me - he didn't really have to sell it.

The Bootleg: Was Kentucky also involved in recruiting you?

C-Bo: Kentucky actually started later in the game. It's hard for East-coast schools to really see people on the West coast unless they see you at the Nike camp or at the big camps. They had not recruited me until after the Nike camp, after they got a chance to see me play. They started recruiting pretty late and they were pretty serious. They told me they were looking at Jonathan Bender, me and the big guy who is there now (Marvin Stone), who at the time was one of the top three centers in the nation. I seriously considered them but as soon as I visited Stanford and got a chance to meet all the guys and see them work and see the campus again, I committed right there on my visit. I didn't even have to visit Kentucky - I knew that this is where I wanted to go.

The Bootleg: But, you kind of grew up as a Husky fan, Husky football - I hope you're getting over that now?

C-Bo: Yeah, I am getting over that. I was a big Husky football fan. Football was my first love because my dad played football. But he wouldn't let me play until I was in high school - he didn't play football until high school. He really felt that at a young age, there is too much of a risk of getting injured and getting burned out with sports in general. By the time I hit 10th grade, I was already in love with basketball, I was 6'7", 160 pounds - just the skinniest person on the planet. So, I don't think football was really my calling. I also played soccer for nine years but I gave up on soccer to focus on basketball.

The Bootleg: What position did you play in soccer?

C-Bo: Sweeper or middle fullback. I loved defense - it's kind of the same with basketball. I love just sitting in the key and waiting for everybody to come at me. In soccer I just waited for the ball to come at me. I was so much bigger than everybody when I was younger that I would go for the ball and people would just bounce off of me. I had long legs and I could kick the ball a field length. I had a big foot.

The Bootleg: You know we're looking for a punter for the football team?

C-Bo: Well, you know, if I have one of these walking boots on....

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