Curtis Borchardt Interview - Part II

The Bootleg had a chance to sit down with Curtis Borchardt to see how he's doing and get his views on the team. C-Bo is very personable and a lot of fun to interview. In the media guide this season, C-Bo rated as his favorite site on the web so we knew we were in for a treat.

Hope you enjoy Part II of The Bootleg's exclusive interview with Curtis Borchardt.

The Bootleg: When you make it back next year and if Jason comes back, would you consider changing positions, or what are you thinking?

C-Bo: To tell you the truth, both of our posts play the same position. We do the same thing in the offense. We are totally interchangeable. As for maybe guarding taller guys, I feel like I can do that. Even though Jason has shown that he's really good on the outside, I think his strength is in the inside and I think my strength, right now, is more on the perimeter. I am getting more and more comfortable in the post everyday and I really feel like we can be a deadly combo.

The Bootleg: What happens when you and Jason go head-to-head on 3-point shooting?

C-Bo: It's hard because we can't get the ball in practice at the 3-point line hardly and guys on the team just relentlessly give you crap when you go out there and shoot threes. I think Jason, Teyo and I are really pretty capable of making that shot when it's open and we're in rhythm. Jason and I have never competed against each other because we're basically fighting with each other to get the shot off. He's really improved that facet of his game and that makes any big guy that much tougher to guard.

The Bootleg: A couple of posters have wondered if you would even consider redshirting next year?

C-Bo: Well, I was actually thinking of doing that this season especially since I had surgery in late-July. I didn't really feel like I would be ready until January. But, again, I'm a fast healer - it's true! And, with Justin going out early, we were really hurting for another big guy. I was playing pretty well in the beginning of the year and so it turned out that I ended up playing. As for next year, hopefully I will have enough time to get myself back to full form and with the surgery, I should not have to worry about breaking my foot again. Also, if Jason doesn't come back next year, even if I'm in a cast, I don't see any way that coach is going to let me redshirt.

The Bootleg: Do you care to guess what Jason is going to do?

C-Bo: Jason has been really tight-lipped about that. But, either way, if he comes back, it's great for us because he's one of the best centers in the nation. And, it's great for me, because I get to practice against him every day and get better. I've always felt like if you practice against the best players and compete against them, you're gonna get better. And without him, it's a big loss regardless. But, also, Jason has had some past injuries, and if he can get drafted in the first round this year, it might be a great option for him to leave. You gotta look at all the different factors and Jason is just going to have to make the decision that is right for him. Whatever that is, I'm going to be supporting him

The Bootleg: How much do you guys talk about the NBA?

C-Bo: It probably comes up quite often. Because I think that is everybody's goal. And, it's a realistic goal for a lot of players on our team. It comes up. It's usually in a joking manner. Guys want to be there. It's in the back of everybody's mind. You just don't want to talk about it too much. It gets distracting for a team when you are trying to do something now if people are talking about in a couple of months down the road what is going to happen. We just try to keep the focus on our basketball team.

The Bootleg: What is the toughest part about practicing against Jason?

C-Bo: [Laugh] He's so big, he's so big. I mean, really, you can't replace that. A guy who so strong and so skilled and can move around pretty well. It's hard. He's great! Last year, I had a way harder time guarding him than I did this year because I was 200-nothing pounds and I was just getting bounced around plus I was helping out, trying to block all these shots. He would always end up catching the ball down low, probably a foot from the basket, and he's pump-faking and I am jumping over his back. I am fouling him every possession and he's getting frustrated but he knows that I was just learning and I was kind of at a disadvantage with my weight. He comes and practices hard all the time and if you don't block him off, he's going to grab a board and score and get in your face about it, too. He's pretty competitive. Also, he's, I believe, our best post defender. It's hard to get a good clean shot over him because he's got long arms, good timing and he's just so big, it's hard to almost see the basket sometimes.

The Bootleg: Do you ever give Jason a hard time about not dunking more often? It seems like his natural instinct is to lay the ball in or lay it off the glass. You like to dunk and Justin like to dunk, I'm sure you give him a hard time.

C-Bo: Oh, yeah! We're like "get up now big fellow, c'mon now, big fellow." But, he dunks when he needs to dunk and you can't really argue with a guy who shoots over 60% for his entire career. I'm the one who's missing shots that I shouldn't be missing so I don't really have anything to say to him. I'm tryin to get to his level, whether it's dunking or not.

The Bootleg: What is your best dunk?

C-Bo: I have no best dunk. I can arguably get up higher than a lot of the guys on our team but that's because I have long arms and I'm seven feet tall but basically my favorite dunk is just to dunk hard two-handed, with momentum and just flush it clean. Or possibly to follow-up off a miss in the air - just a put-back dunk. I just don't get those that often yet because a lot of times I can feel my legs just aren't strong enough. I can't really elevate sometimes when I want to because guys are bumping me. I just gotta work on that aspect and hopefully improve.

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