Curtis Borchardt Interview - Part I

The Bootleg had a chance to sit down with Curtis Borchardt to see how he's doing and get his views on the team. C-Bo is very personable and a lot of fun to interview. In the media guide this season, C-Bo rated as his favorite site on the web so we knew we were in for a treat.

The Bootleg had a chance to sit down with Curtis Borchardt to see how he's doing and get his views on the team. C-Bo is very personable and a lot of fun to interview. In the media guide this season, C-Bo rated as his favorite site on the web so we knew we were in for a treat.

The Bootleg: You and Tyler (Besecker) seem close. You went to rival high schools, right?

C-Bo: Yes, Tyler ended up attending Mercer Island High. He lived in Redmond but went to Mercer Island not for basketball reasons, supposedly. They won two state championships in the three years that he was there. They beat my team all three years they played us. I went to Eastlake High School and Tyler and I played on the same AAU team since sixth grade. I wanted to go to Mercer Island too, but my parents wouldn't let me.

The Bootleg: So, Tyler took a couple of cheap shots at you in the media guide?

C-Bo: Yeah, he had a couple of repeats from last year so I was telling him that he needs to work on his creativity a little bit.

The Bootleg: But, he has you going to dinner with Anna Kournikova so that's not too bad.

C-Bo: Hey, that's not too bad - I'll take it!

The Bootleg: Have your parents come down for any of the games?

C-Bo: They came down for the Duke game and that was nice and then my Dad came for the Arizona game (at Tucson) when I hurt my Achilles tendon and then he came down for the USC/UCLA games and I hurt myself in the USC game. I told him to stay as far away as possible.

The Bootleg: Can you give us an update on the status of your foot?

C-Bo: I have a navicular stress fracture - same foot. Same bone as last year. I have a bunch of doctors looking at my film and all the pictures of my foot. Last year, I just let it heal. I let it heal completely. I sat out for seven months. I had surgery for some bone spurs in my foot - I just wanted it to get back to 100%. I didn't want to risk not having it heal all the way. And still, it broke down this season halfway through. So, I think right now, they feel that if I let if heal again, what's to stop it from happening again? So, I think the doctors have recommended me having surgery and having a few pins put in the bone so that it can't break again. Not to say that it can't break again, but it should make it a lot stronger. It's unlikely that it will break again. So, I think that is the course of action that we are going to be taking. And, it should be happening this next week. I have a meeting with Dr. Dillingham on Monday - he's going to be doing the surgery. We'll determine when it's going to happen.

The Bootleg: Was surgery an option last year, was it something that you guys even considered?

C-Bo: I think it was an option but, I sat out for a few weeks and there was evidence of healing. The navicular bone is a bad bone to brake in your foot because it doesn't get a lot of blood flow. So, it heals really slowly. But, they saw some encouraging signs from it last year - it was healing pretty quickly so they decided that it might be best for me to just stay off it for a while. I was on crutches for six weeks and a walking booth for a month. And, the CAT scan they took later showed that it wasn't broken any more which is good. I mean, I'm a quick healer. Hard to believe, but I am. So, you don't want to do surgery unless you have to. But, right now, I think they feel like we have to.

The Bootleg: So, how serious is this procedure?

C-Bo: I guess it's pretty routine - not anything that hasn't been done before. I am going to be on crutches for 6-8 weeks afterwards and then a walking boot a month after that. I'll be getting off the walking boot, hopefully, in mid-May. Then, we'll see from there. It's going to depend on how my rehab goes. I just don't want to come back too early and mess it up again.

The Bootleg: What's the timeframe for when you guys are going to Australia? Are you hopeful that you can be back for that?

C-Bo: I am hopeful. I think we are leaving in the middle of June. I don't really know the dates yet. It might be tough for me to be back by then. I would love to but if I can't...I am just trying to get ready for next season. It would be fun to go and hang out with all my boys and enjoy Australia.

The Bootleg: How much does your foot hurt now, not playing, just walking around?

C-Bo: Not much at all. I can feel a little bit. Part of the reason, I think, is because I had two cortisone shots right after it happened because they didn't think it was a stress fracture so I think that's kind of dulled a lot of the pain. It feels a little weak, but other than that, nothing really.

The Bootleg: What have you been doing about special sneakers or footwear to prevent this from happening again?

C-Bo: Our trainer, Eric Buckman, has actually talked to some Nike reps about my feet and about those new flexible shoes that everyone likes - they can bend in half, they don't really protect your foot and, of course everyone is wearing them, including myself. They are the newest, greatest shoes and everything. Right now the emphasis is to get a stiffer shoe so that it protects my foot and also more orthotics, I guess. And, they need to be rigid and high because I have a very high arch and basically what causes all the stress is I've got a high arch and if you do not get an orthotic that gets up there, your foot collapses down over and over and over. And, that's why I keep breaking my navicular bone, they think.

The Bootleg: And, you didn't have any of these problems in high school? Is it because you've tried to put weight on?

C-Bo: I think there are a lot of factors. In high school, our practices were an hour and a half and a lot of it was just shooting. And, I loved it - I was fresh for every game. But, my feet never really bothered me. I had a few ankle sprains in high school but I think everyone does. And, I have added 30-40 pounds on my body since then.

The Bootleg: What kind of weight do you think you want to try to carry here?

C-Bo: I think the coaches would like to get me up to 250 by the end of it all. My goal, by next season, is to get to 240 and keep it on. I got to 230 this year and lost about 8 pounds. It's hard for me to keep weight on. I think 235-240 by next year is reasonable. I've really realized that the strength is important. In the beginning of the year when I was 230, I wasn't having a hard time posting up but as I started to lose that weight, it became more of a battle just to hold my position in the post. I think I've improved in that area this season, but I have a long way to go.

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