Mark Anderson Interview

Interview with Stanford's incoming prized football recruit Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson Interview

(BootBoard posters who contributed questions are credited in parentheses)


Did he ever meet Lazetich or Donovan? If so, what did they have to say to him about Stanford? (SL)

MA: I heard a lot about them. I have not had chance to talk to either one of them.


Did Stanford ever "introduce" the Bay Area/California hunting/fishing experience to him, or is he just going to wait to return home for Montana summers to re-enjoy those sorts of things? (SL)

MA: Coach Shuler took me on a drive to a Redwood forest. I think if I have some free time I think I'll enjoy getting out and doing a little mountain biking.


Is it something in the water or in the trout or the free-range cattle [regarding how he grew so big]? (SL)

MA: Blackfeet is the only place I've seen free-cattle. I hate fish …. So it must be the water. We do have great water. We have a spring in town and the water is sold all over the country.


Is the NFL a goal? (LW)

MA: Not at the moment. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.


Did Stanford recruit you as intensely as others? If not, did they explain if/why they would not be calling or writing as often? (LW)

MA: Not quite as much as other schools. I appreciated the way Stanford recruited me better than the way other schools recruited me. Some schools called every day.


How much and what type of negative Stanford recruiting did they experience? (LW)

MA: Stanford was the only school that other schools negative recruited on. It seemed like other schools thought it was a two-team race between them and Stanford. Washington even had a packet on why Washington was better than Stanford.


What did the staff tell them about early PT? And how much did they look at our depth charts in making their decision? (LW)

MA: I never really thought about early playing time with any school. I looked a little at the depth chart now that I've committed.


Does Mark still think Stanford is a sea of BMWs? (LW)

MA: and Ferraris… and Lamborghini's… As long as I can get a ride in one (LOL).


Does TW ever laugh or joke in this process? (LW)

MA: Oh yeah. When we had our in home visits we laughed and joked a lot.


How much did the staff sell our football program versus the degree? Do they believe they will play on winning teams at Stanford? Would they have come here without such a belief? (LW)

MA: The staff really doesn't have to sell the degree… It sells itself. The football program was in the Rosebowl last year. When I visited and got to hang out with the players… they are so goal oriented and focused that I felt good about the football future.


What was Mark's view about the football aspect of Stanford (vs. UW in particular)? Was he looking for BCS, other Bowl, top 25, or other potential? Or does he view the program as a good preparation for a possible NFL career, with actual W-L record a less important issue? Or somewhere in between? (Qwerty)

MA: Everything is so positive about the football programs future. With U-Dub, both programs seem so positive about the future. With anything you go into, you always strive to be at the top. I think you have the same opportunity to go to a bowl at most of the Pac-10 schools. You look at the last seven years and look at how many teams have been to the Rose Bowl.


Did he have contact with other recruits during the pre-LOI process? If so, what kinds of things did they talk about? (Qwerty)

MA: None from Stanford. I did talk back and forth with Blake Larsen. We just talked about the recruiting process.


What do you think of the Tree and Band? Did these play any factor in your decision? (Red Banded Hat)

MA: I think the band is awesome. A brother of one of my best friends went to Stanford, and I got to hear all sorts of band stories. I have received grief about my future mascot… but the people who gave me grief are going to schools where their mascots are a Blue Hawk or worse.


Was the application a deterrent or an attraction? Did you get a thrill when you found out you were admitted academically or did you take it for granted? (Red Banded Hat)

MA: The application was definitely an attraction. It puts all the football players in the same boat with the rest of the student body. I expected to get in so getting accepted wasn't that big a deal.


Christina or Britney? (Tejeers)

MA: Britney. If you're going with music… I have to go with Jimmy Buffet.


Sean Connery, Roger Moore, or Pierce Brosnan? (Tejeers)

MA: I'm not much of a Bond fan but I am a Sean Connery fan.


Animal House, Stripes, or "There's Something About Mary"? (Tejeers)

MA: "There's Something About Mary"


Gladiator or "Thelma and Louise"? (Tejeers)

MA: Gladiator


Ginger or MaryAnn? [MT Dad may have to explain this one to young Mark]. (Tejeers)

MA: I had to ask my parents… I'll go with Ginger because she sounds cool.


Thanks to all the Booties who gave these questions, and especially to Mark for his generous time in giving us this chance to get to know him better!


And if you want to read a little more on Mark and his Stanford decision, click here for a nice article from the Great Falls Tribune.

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