8/22 (Wednesday) Morning Practice Notes

YCF is all over the rail like an animal, soaking up all kinds of Boot-bits with August two-a-days! In Wednesday morning's practice report, read about the latest injuries, punting (good and bad), and plenty of notes on Teyo Johnson.

This morning the team practiced in pads,  tackling was still limited.  The weather was quite dreary and overcast.  At one time, there was even a light drizzle.

There was some one on one work between the receivers and corners.  Many of the receivers dropped at least one pass that they should have had.  On one play, Luke Powell beat Ryan Fernandez on a deep post corner, but was not able to hold onto the pass.

Kerry Carter and Eran Landry both  were in uniform, but neither participated in any drills.  Evan Combs also appeared to have injured leg.  I heard that Anthony Gabriel had cut his hand, but he was able to return later.  Caleb Bowman arrived late and had a wrap on one of his knees.

A very large portion of the practice was devoted to the two minute drill. The teams appeared to be divided by first team offense versus first team defense and second team offense versus second team defense.  Teyo Johnson played as the third receiver for the first team.  He and Luke Powell and Ryan Wells split time between split end, flanker, and slot.  Johnson caught back to back passes.  The first was for ten yards and the second was for thirty. On the second reception, he was covered quite well by Brian Taylor, but the height advantage proved to be too much.

After a sizable catch by Brett Pierce, the offense was unable to score.  They made it to the seven yard line before running out of time.  Randy Fasani tried to lob one in to Johnson, but it was ruled that Gary Cobb had pushed him out before he could put a foot in.  Personally, I thought he had scored, but because there were no real officials, it is hard to determine who was right.

Chris Lewis faced more pressure than Fasani when he tried the two minute drill.  On the first set of downs, he was sacked when Casey Carroll forced him to roll out, only to find Scott Scharff and Will Svitek right in his face.  After a long pass to Greg Camarillo (who in fact had quite a good practice), Lewis was sacked consecutively, once by Brian Brant and the other time by Cooper Blackhurst.  I think this really exposes the lack of depth on the offensive line.

After the two minute drill, the team broke into punt coverage.  Eric Johnson's punts were consistently between 35 and 40 yards with decent hang time.  The real problem this time was that Drew Caylor really struggled with his long snapping.  Many of his snaps were either too high or too low.

Probably the most impressive play was when Amon Gordon blitzed, only to be blocked by Justin Faust.  Faust made an excellent block, allowing Fasani to complete his pass.

Ken Schimmelmann broke up two passes in a row during 7 on 7.  The second time he appeared to have been beat, but was able to jar the ball loose with an impressive hit.

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