8/22 (Wednesday) Afternoon Practice Notes

In the second half of this crazy Wednesday double-header, YCF gives a couple of very encouraging signs at QB and in the kicking game. Two young names you probably aren't expecting. More on injuries, and a "Live" Wire on special teams...

This afternoon's practice was very similar to the one in the morning, only with two differences: the team was back in shorts and the practice was a bit more condensed due to a shorter amount of time.

Kerry Carter, Eran Landry, and Evan Combs remain injured.  None of them participated in any drills or scrimmages.  The newest causality is Jamien McCullum, stayed on the sidelines along with the rest of the current "Ow Boys."

Mike Sgroi continues to improve with every practice.  His kickoffs (which were into the wind) were about five yards short of the end zone and had considerable hang time.  The coaching staff might have something in the works

There was more work with the two minute drill today.  The defense pretty much shut down the offense today.  In about five drives, the offense only scored once.  The lone touchdown  happened when Randy Fasani was forced to scramble, evaded the rushers, and threw a fifty yard bomb to Luke Powell who was open in the end zone.

The defense had more pressure than ever on the quarterbacks.  There were not too many sacks, but the quarterbacks had very little time to get their passes off.  This is a sign of OL weakness/lack of depth or a solid DL.  Of course, I'm hoping that the latter is correct...

Timi Wusu picked off one of Fasani's passes on an unusual play.  Fasani completed his pass to Matt Wright, who juggled the ball twice, was hit, and had the ball pop loose.  Wusu was able to snatch the ball for the turnover.

Other than that, it was overall a pretty good practice for the tight ends. Brett Pierce, Alex Smith, and Wright all had their fair share of receptions.  I have not seen Darin Naatjes participate yet, which leads me to think that he might be injured.

In 7 on 7's, Ryan Eklund was very impressive.  All of his passes were on the right on the money with maybe the exception of one that was a wee bit too high that Ryan Wells could not hang on to (but probably should have nonetheless).  Of all the quarterbacks, I think that he is the most improved. He'll be a solid second stringer next year.

While working on kickoffs, it appeared to me that Coy Wire might be on the first team kickoff coverage unit.  If this is correct, I find it surprising that the staff is willing to take that risk.

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