Richard Cobbs Interview

Richard Cobbs is a rising junior (2003 class) who has garnered not just West Coast attention, but heavy national attention since his freshman year. His "stock dropped" a bit in some eyes this summer, as he struggled at the ABCD camp, though we learned in talking to him in Vegas that an injury has hampered him this summer. We also learned about his early recruitment in this Bootleg interview...

Richard Cobbs - SG
6'5" 190#
Moreno Valley, CA (Canyon Springs)
Rising junior - Class of 2003

(Interview during the 2001 Las Vegas Big Time)

The Bootleg: What's wrong with you right now and how soon do you think you'll be better?
Richard Cobbs: I have tendonitis in my knee right now, and I'm trying to fight through that. They tell me I should sit out right now and hopefully come back in time for Oakland (Slam N Jam).

The Bootleg: How long has this been bothering you this summer? What is a problem at ABCD?
Richard Cobbs: That's when it was at its worst. It's been there the whole summer. I'm just going to rest this summer and have a good next summer.

The Bootleg: I know it's early, but can you talk a little bit about schools who you have gotten the most interest from so far?
Richard Cobbs: I'm hearing from a lot of good schools like UCLA, Duke, Kentucky, Stanford... Texas A&M. Those are also some schools I like right now.

The Bootleg: Before you were hurt, which coaches were you seeing in the stands watching you the most frequently?
Richard Cobbs: Probably... UCLA, Arizona State, Texas A&M and USC.

The Bootleg: Have you had a chance to visit any campuses yet, take any unofficial visits?
Richard Cobbs: No, I haven't had a chance to yet.

The Bootleg: Is there anything about these schools that has impressed you early on?
Richard Cobbs: Not really. Wherever I can get the most playing time, I guess.

The Bootleg: On that note, what is most important to you in a school - playing time?
Richard Cobbs: In a school? First has to be academics. Got to have good academics. For basketball, probably playing time and my role on the team.

The Bootleg: Where do you see yourself playing on the collegiate level?
Richard Cobbs: Shooting guard, and a little bit of point maybe.

The Bootleg: What is your greatest asset on the court right now?
Richard Cobbs: My shooting from deep.

The Bootleg: What are you concentrating on that you need to improve the most?
Richard Cobbs: Right now I'm concentrating on my ball handling. I want to be a solid two-guard, maybe be able to step in a little at the point.

The Bootleg: You talked about academics. Do you mind sharing what your grades have been like so far, and any test scores you've received?
Richard Cobbs: I haven't taken my ACT yet. I got a 3.8 my first semester, and a 3.5 this last semester.

The Bootleg: Can you give us an idea what kind of classes you've been taking?
Richard Cobbs: I'm taking college prep classes right now. When I graduate, I won't have to worry about "I didn't take this class" or "that class." I'll be ready for college.

The Bootleg: Any PSAT yet?
Richard Cobbs: No, not yet. I've been taking the Princeton Review with my tutor, though, to get ready.

The Bootleg: You probably have had several chances to watch these programs on TV. Is there anything you've gained from even those observations about playing style, or coaching with these schools?
Richard Cobbs: The thing I really look for is the player-coach relationship. The coach is ultimately who the player should be able to come to with anything.

The Bootleg: Have you had a chance to meet any of these coaches?
Richard Cobbs: No, not yet. Unfortunately.

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