8/26 (Sunday) Walk-Through Notes

After a long and hard Saturday, with 2+ hours in the morning and a scrimmage in the afternoon, the players got a light walk-through on Sunday. No pads, no plays. That generally makes for weaker Bootleg material, but we always look for a few tidbits to pass on. For one, Brian Head returned after Saturday's injury.

Without any pads, plays or nominal drills, there isn't much to report from Sunday. Here are a few bits, though...

  • Half of the practice was spent on special teams. I like it. Perfect opportunity to spend some time, across the entire roster, on formations, assignments and technique for both protection and coverage. Some was about specific plays and assignments, but there was also work on the "little things," like getting the punt kick team onto the field and into formation as quickly as possible. Now, the next step in giving special teams its due is giving some quality time to the punters and FG/PAT unit at game speed.
  • The other half of the walkthrough practice was spent split into offense and defense. The defense worked on a lot of formations and reactions to offensive schemes. This is the second straight day that there has been some concrete work or mention of preparing for BC's offense. I wouldn't expect that from Stanford, 2 weeks prior to the game, but I like it. Denny Schuler is the coach most directly working toward this effort. The offense concentrated on the line, and audibles/reads.
  • The depressing note of the day was watching Brian Head swing his body toward the practice field on crutches. He has a heavy brace on that left knee, as well. He seems to be in relatively decent spirits, but does not yet know the nature of the injury. MRI to come tomorrow. We will all cross our fingers, but this doesn't look good.
  • So we again come to the question of who is well and who is not on the O-line. Head looks to be out indefinitely, and could very well be a redshirt (medical, not necessarily by design). Edmund O'Neal is gimpy, and Dustin Stimson is still out. The question of Paul Weinacht has been raised, who is the top reserve. A walk-through wasn't going to reveal much, but he moved well as the line jogged off the field. Nothing is wrapped, either.
  • The other question is where and to what extent Drew Caylor can help, now that he has switched from DE. The word is that Drew will indeed play at OT, which should move O'Neal back to guard, where he is more likely to contribute if need be. And I will offer up that at least one key player on this team is very high on the contribution Caylor will bring at tackle. Let's hope that optimism is validated.

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