9/1 (Saturday) Practice Notes

In the last practice of a two-week stretch of two-a-days, Stanford is looking good. Both the offense and the defense are advanced in their progress, reflecting the wealth of experience and talent. Injury news is starting to improve, though one defensive player is likely to miss the Boston College start and more...

The final day of pre-season practices went off without a hitch this morning. Pretty clean, and nobody got hurt. That's exactly where Stanford wants to be with just seven days until the season opener...

  • The "bad news" for Booties dying for Cardinal scoop is that a lot of the work this morning went to second team units.
  • The great news is that most of the players who have been held out of drills that last week or two are back in action. From appearances today, Stanford is a relatively healthy team headed into next week's opener. Some of the notables who participated today include Kerry Carter, Nick Sebes and Tank Williams. Halleluiah. The notables still out, and who are likely to be out for some time are Marcus Hoover, Brian Head and Darin Naatjes.
  • Regarding Hoover, his knee is still wrapped, and a MRI is forthcoming. Cardinalmaniacs™ should prepare for the worst, and additionally expect Louis Hobson to get his first start at defensive end against Boston College.
  • Booties will be very excited, though, to hear that (drum roll please) Michael Craven is back in action, and participated in a couple of plays today. The much-heralded true freshman linebacker has missed all of the first two weeks of practices, but is well on his way again. I only saw him in for a couple of plays in 7-on-7 drills, which revealed frankly nothing. But he's one to watch for sure in September practices.
  • The receivers overall looked very sharp today. I'm increasingly optimistic on this unit. Caleb Bowman was sure-handed, Teyo was unstoppable, Sebes was back and promising, Justin McCullum stood out and Crochet made some nice grabs. I'd like to see more out of Wells and Powell, who ironically are two of the receivers with the most receptions/work in this unit. Just to hit the point home, I very honestly mean "unstoppable" when I see Teyo. BC, beware. And Justin McCullum has no business redshirting this fall. He looks at least as good right now as some of his elder teammates.
  • Not much was to be seen of the RBs or QBs. There was much more 7-on-7 this morning than 11-on-11, and the QB work was largely split by Ryan Eklund and Kyle Matter. "Hollywood" got a few reps, while Randy barely broke a sweat. Nothing earth-shattering, though Eklund had a tough morning with his accuracy.
  • When there was 11-on-11 work, I saw some fire from Matt Leonard in the defensive interior. On the other side of the ball, I noted Drew Caylor getting work at both tackle positions, and holding his own. Kwame is looking better and better. The starting five on the OL look healthy and ready to pave the Pasadena Path.
  • Oddity of the day: Zack Quaccia was taking his snaps with a sandal on one foot. He's had a toenail problem that makes a shoe uncomfortable, but I have no reason to believe at this time that this will affect Quach at all come next Saturday.
  • After practice, the boys headed next door to DeGuerre Pool for a series of relay races. Fun in the sun.
  • A few Fasani faces were on the rail today, including Randy's mother, brother, and new bride. Mrs. Fasani talked to me about the crazed exodus of the Fasani Fan Club that is organized to descend upon the Farm next weekend. Apparently, there is a full busload ready to roll, with a waiting list aching to join. The Lime Shirts are coming, Cardinalmaniacs™. The Lime Shirts are coming...

The team has Sunday and Monday off, with the regular season practice schedule commencing on Tuesday.

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