Four Downs with Devon Cajuste

A quick Q&A with one of Stanford football's biggest weapons.

Can the Stanford offense build on what it accomplished in its last three games of 2014? If so, Devon Cajuste willn likely have a major say. Coming off a 34-catch season in which he averaged over 16 yards per grab, the receiver from Seaford, New York returns to The Farm for his fifth year. Following Saturday’s session, he caught up with me for four more downs.

TC: What were some things you wanted to accomplish this spring?

DC: I’ve been trying to have better hands and quicker feet, getting into and out of my breaks. I noticed at the top of my routes, I’m getting a little stuck. I’ve progressed a little bit at it, but I haven’t gotten that much better yet. I’m hoping to lose a little more weight to make that easier for me.

TC: How much work actually goes into what you do every single day?

DC: When we have a two-hour practice, for me, it’s an hour and a half of work. Thirty minutes of that is waiting for a play, getting a water break, or you’re just waiting for the play call. But most of the time, it’s an hour and thirty [minutes] of grinding, working, doing drills, doing play after play, going for blocks, going to catch balls, constantly running routes.

It’s constant motion, and it’s a lot of sprinting. I would love to figure out the distance that we actually end up running every practice! I should wear one of those things and track it.

TC: Stanford’s offense played at a higher level the final three games last year. What are some things you hope the team took away from those games, and how can it carry over to this year?

DC: I would definitely say it was about the process of execution. Having that confidence, going into those last games, and being able to execute and just do the right thing. Do your job. It’s about continuing that momentum into the spring game, even. We don’t want to wait until next season. We want to have a good spring game, too. We’re trying to feed off of that.

TC: You’ve got size, speed, and hands. Size up the rest of this receiving corps. What can the other guys bring to the table?

DC: We’re all pretty tall! We’re all actually pretty big. I think we average about six-foot, or five-eleven in the receiving corps, so we’ve got big bodies everywhere. Speed’s everywhere, we’ve got agility. Everyone can catch the ball. Anyone we put out there can run the route and catch the ball.

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