Stanford offers 4-star 2017 ILB

2017 4-star LB/RB from Salt Lake City was offered by Stanford

Sione Heimuli-Lund has received several offers, but the one that stood out Thursday was an offer from Stanford.

"It was awesome," Heimuli-Lund said in reaction to the news. "There was no greater feeling."

Stanford has been called a dream school for the 2017 ILB/RB from Salt Lake City. His reasoning is pretty simple, "It's Stanford." 

Heimuli-Lund weighs in at 6'0, 225-lbs. He is a 4-star recruit by Scout. He says that his parents have always stressed the importance of education growing up. That combined with a football style that Heimuli-Lund has enjoyed from afar, made Stanford a dream for him.

The news came as he returned from a day at the beach. His high school coach called him and said he should talk with Coach Lance Anderson. the call was placed and after they talked for a few minutes, Anderson made the offer.

"I lost it. I was so happy. i haven't been that happy in a long time. I'm still in shock and disbelief but it is awesome."

Still a sophomore at Brighton High School, there is still a long road ahead. Heimuli-Lund says he will be visiting the Oklahoma schools and Michigan this spring. But he says he'll be camping with Stanford this summer while he checks out some other California schools. It will be his first trip to The Farm.

He seems to be racking up the offers with confirmed offers from at least BYU, Oklahoma State, Oregon State, Utah and Washington 

Heimuli-Lund says he comes from a family that is a combo of geeks and athleticism. The grades are important and his brother plays lacrosse at BYU.

Heimuli-Lund says he loves to help people so in his future he'll be looking into sports medicine and physical therapy. For now though he'll concentrate on visiting schools, keeping those grades up and improving his game.

"I feel the pressure but i should always have my grades up. I'll continue to get good grades and score my best on all the tests."

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