The BootPool is Back!

After a strong run of success the last two years in both football and basketball, the famed BootPool is back! For returning players, read on to freshen up on the contest. For those new to the ways of the BootPool, prepare for a whole new world...

The idea is simple. We're providing a place for Booties to stand up and measure themselves against other Booties in figuring out the Pac-10 and national college football landscape. The measuring stick is the same 2x4 that whacks millions of people upside the head every year in Vegas - picking against the point spread. We're putting each week's Pac-10 games onto the BootPool, along with a point spread, and a smattering of other games of national or local interest. For example, we are listing twelve games in the first week, eight of which are games involving a Pac-10 team. We then tossed in the Notre Dame game and other games of national interest. As Pac-10 teams start to face each other, a few extra games from the rest of the nation will be added as well.

Picking against the spread means that you are picking not who will win or lose, so much as who will cover the point spread. If UCLA beats Colorado State by 7 points when they are favored by 7.5, the Bruins fail to cover the spread. That makes Colorado State the correct pick. If UCLA tacks on another touchdown to win by 14, then they are the correct pick. Note that all spreads have half-integer values, so no games end up as a push. Picking against the spread is approximately a 50/50 proposition, and beating a 0.500 average over time is pretty darned tough. We'll see which Booties can consistently push above that line of demarcation...

The BootPool message board is a registered board, which will best protect participants against imposters, and more easily validate them when they claim any prizes. If you have not yet registered a username on's boards, just go to this link and create a handle and password. It's pretty easy, and you don't have to worry about your privacy. You won't get any "spam" so long as you make sure the appropriate box is unchecked when you sign up.

All you have to do is post on the message board with the subject "My Picks" each week by the end of Friday night with... your picks. Nothing complicated. Just post the name of the team in each game you think will cover the spread. This isn't an office pool where you need to toss in dough, and there isn't any convoluted weighting formula for different games or underdogs. Straight up pick against the spread in each game, each week. We'll be keeping track of who's rocking and who's getting rocked.

At the end of the season, we'll be rewarding the top winners with some Bootleg BootPool prizes. If the number of people in each week grows to a formidable showing, we will also consider weekly prizes. We'll be sure to get you more details on prizes once we get a grasp of how many Booties jump in. And to help smooth out the bumps, we will subtract out your worst week's performance at the end of the season. Season totals will be a simple sum of your correct picks from all other weeks. No percentages. No weighting. No root-mean-square.

Of course, the real reason to get in the BootPool each week is for pride and bragging rights. Everyone's picks are on the message board, at your fingertips. Your picks are there for everyone else to see, too. People talk a good game on the BootBoard about who will do what in the Pac-10, but the BootPool is here to settle the debate. So get in the action, and let's have fun with this.

2002 Football BootPool winners:
1st - boomboom2000
2nd - cybe0
3rd - Stanford Rose Bowl

2001 Football BootPool winners:
1st - muiron
T2nd - Qwerty49, Cliff Speed, ME-97 Hottie, Lars82

2000 Football BootPool winners:
1st - 1T_02 (Huey)
2nd - nobadeer
3rd - Gifferd


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