4Q: Eight straight (56-35)

"Have any two teams fallen faster over the last month than the L.A. squads? Okay, Oregon, fair point." That and more as some Stanford depth shows its face in a victory lap of a fourth quarter, though the defense did show some late cracks.

Stanford 56, UCLA 20, start fourth quarter

Barry Sanders with a first down, Card with 284 rushing yards and on pace for their third-straight 300-yard game. Hogan fires incomplete and takes a hit after throwing long to Devon Cajuste. Again, as we wrote in the third quarter, please get those guys out of there.

Always wondered what'd be like to be a Baylor or TCU fan, and guess I have the answer tonight, as we're on pace for 74 at the moment.

Jesse Palmer: "Right now, Stanford is playing as good as anyone in the country." David Pollack says we're the favorite in the Pac-12, with all due respect to Utah, given how we've played and our trajectory. I'll be the contrarian and say that if UCLA takes away two touchdown drops and doesn't commit a few stupid penalties, this could be a ten-point game. I'll also say that UCLA might not be anything special by the time the season's all said and done given how shorthanded they are. But, yes, the schedule and the Pac-12 North certainly sets up wonderfully.

On cue, the defense continues to show it's not quite 2012-2014 level. Rosen bombs, his receiver pinballs between two men, hangs on despite the hit, and jogs on into the end zone. Add in a two-point conversion and Rosen's numbers will look okay by the end of the night.

Stanford 56, UCLA 28, 11:00 remaining

Hey, better for UCLA to expose the holes in the secondary – which has gotten toasted repeatedly tonight – than Washington or Jared Goff or, if we can project ahead at least a little, Travis Wilson.

Bryce Love, Keller Chryst and the second-team unit in the game, but it's three and out. Punt team comes out and it'll be on the defense to get a stop and keep the final margin pretty.

ESPN highlights that David Shaw is undefeated against six of 11 Pac-12 opponents, an outright majority. Pretty impressive.

Yards are 444 to 422 UCLA, which goes to show that numbers don't tell the whole story, what with garbage time, a pick-six, a near kickoff return for touchdown, and the Bruins picking up major penalty yards and stalling out in the red zone. But yes, UCLA has been able to throw it around between the 20s tonight, absolutely. Josh Rosen takes back to back sacks, with Nate Lohn and, I believe, Mike Tyler picking up the honors and denting into that UCLA yardage total. UCLA punts and it'll be the Cardinal's eighth straight win over the Bruins. Stanford now 21-2 in the state of California under Shaw.

Bryce Love's time to shine, and I wonder if he's not the most athletic guy on the whole roster. Let's see. Holding on Greg Taboada, however, so it'll be 20 yards that Love, Chryst and the gang need to pick up. They get back 12, but not enough, so enter Alex Robinson, with a shank that reminds of the Northwestern game.

Yet another UCLA penalty wipes away yet another Josh Rosen passing first down… Have any two teams fallen faster over the last month than the L.A. squads? Okay, Oregon, fair point. Meanwhile, Rosen just keeps converting, hitting on a fourth-down slant to keep the chains moving here to the Cardinal 39. Alameen Murphy then grabbing a little on a go route and gets appropriately whistled. … Wonder what was the last time Stanford won when allowing over 30?

UCLA again in the Cardinal red zone, and despite their earlier struggles in the Stanford red zone, this time, they go back to attacking Alameen Murphy, and it works, as a slant route turns from a fourth-and-four conversion into a missed tackle and a 19-yard touchdown. 21-point game, but this one was never that close in reality.

Stanford 56, UCLA 35, 2:01 remaining McCaffrey's 369 all-purpose yards are an FBS best this season. Ryan Burns and Bryce Love run out the final ticks, and after a rare Thursday nighter, it's All Right Now on the Farm. Card have won on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays so far this season, and come bowl season, maybe we'll get to add in yet another day or two of the week.

Stanford 56, UCLA 35, Final

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