Poetry Corner: Sins of the Fathers (and Sons)

Competing against two generations of the same family is nothing new for Stanford. It just happens against the Washington Huskies more than anyone else.

His skills are many: rushing, receiving, an open field speed-burner
Christian McCaffrey, you can’t deny, one serious Heisman head-turner

Befuddled foes scratch their heads, “Was he created in some lab?”
This progeny of Stanford soccer star and all-time receiving great dad

Like St. Gemes before him, a junior Whitfield, so many McColls, I’ve lost count
Multi-generations of Stanford footballers add up to high amounts

But if descendants inflicting damage is the chosen path
It seems that our next opponent has the last laugh

Where Don James once tortured The Farm with nine wins in a row
The offspring of Stanford foils have rained blow after mighty blow

He scored twice for the Dawgs in ’80: Aaron Williams, the Cards had no luck chasin’
To the winning touchdown on a Thursday night ran his son, Kasen

Manu Tuiasosopo, a lineman of much renown
When Marques was done one afternoon, Rose-y hopes looked buried in the ground

Jacque Robinson makes the cut, four career touchdowns aren’t the only reasons
Little Nate got in the way, ruining Stanford hoops’ perfect season

If following dad stands as the goal, Jermaine Kearse (0-4 vs. Stanford) did miss out
Though he found the end zone six years ago, in a 34-14 Cardinal rout

The end-around to Tim Kearse was San Jose’s weapon of choice
It burned The Farm regularly, like this all-time team’s coaching voice

A wish to run up 2,000 points puts John McKay on this list
A greater Card-killing father and son, I don’t think one exists

The title of Pat Haden’s favorite target, was once J.K. McKay
When Anthony Davis threw him a score, it just wasn’t Stanford’s day

You know, not all father/sons are pairs to fear and loathe
Like quarterbacks Jim and Jeff Krohn: our guys smoked ’em both

The Play helps make sure Richard Rodgers lives on for all-time
Unlike the younger Bouza, Rodgers and Treggs: just one Big Game win combined

So when you watch C-Mac this Saturday, be sure to show some love
Revenge should be on his mind; his old man never beat U-Dub

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