Week in Review

For those who may have missed a story or two in the past week, here is a complete recap (and description) of all articles published in the last seven days. Week in Review

(Week ending 9/9/01)


Last Tuesday (9/4), terry released his first Bootleg story, analyzing the historical importance of Stanford winning its opening game of the season. Many were surprised by his findings.

We also published Tree Boy's initial release of the BootPowerRatings. His rating numbers were quite surprising and some posters (rumored to reside in Florida) asked for a re-count.

On Wednesday, Gail Tate's Poolside Ruminations on Season Opening Week was released. She discussed some of our Pac-10 rivals and also brought up some of her personal "issues" related to Stanford football.

We also released our Boston College preview, a very entertaining piece written by Mark DeVaughn. Besides previewing the Eagles, he also had some fun at the expense of our former O-Coordinator, Dana Bible.

Guru, a past Cardinal O-lineman, provided one of the best Bootleg stories in recent memory with his A Week in the Trenches, a chronicle of a typical week for a lineman as he prepares for yet another game. If you missed this one, read it now. If you already read it, print it out and frame it!

On Thursday, we released Posts of the Week. Recognized posters included Treetop, irishguru, BD, Mick and sd.

Another classic was released on Friday when Emeritus provided a Pigskin Flashback from the 1979 Stanford-Boston College Game. BootBoard posters all agreed that this article was vintage old-school Bootleg.

On Saturday night, YCF gave us a nice recap of Stanford's dominant 38-22 victory over Boston College.

On Sunday, we released three stories. new Top 25 Poll had Miami #1 while Fresno State jumped all the way to #10. The BootPool results from Week 1 showed Tree Boy as the big winner.

Finally, ME-97 filed his first Report Card-inal of the 2001 campaign. Fairly high grades were earned by most all of the units although a few posters on the BootBoard thought ME-97's grading curve was too demanding.

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