Stanford Football DB Commit Treyjohn Butler Profile

Jordan Hamm gives us a look at Stanford DB Commit Treyjohn Butler

No Such Thing As “Almost” For Stanford Pledge Butler

By Jordan Hamm


Etiwanda High School defensive back Treyjohn Butler made his commitment to Stanford official on Wednesday morning.  All the hard work, sweat and sacrifice culminated in pen to paper and a pledge to the Cardinal.


“(When you’re) finally able to officially touch it and claim it as mine as well as sharing it with others, it was hard to hold back emotions,” Butler said.


Wednesday made it official, but the three star recruit has held the mindset he has been at Stanford since he gave his verbal commitment back in August. His high school coaches urged him to take the mentality that he is on The Farm already and prepare, play and lead like he was navigating a Pac-12 schedule.


Butler did just that: He worked harder, he pushed his teammates, he made his visits to his future team, he got excited, but he wasn’t quite there yet.


Because of that one little signature


“You’re just loving everything, but you still have to wait.”


When he visited the university, Butler was exposed to the focus that led the Cardinal to three Rose Bowls in the last four years. Sure, he had fun, but it was made clear to him the underlying unspoken mantra of the Stanford football program was “We’re not here to play games”.


Butler doesn’t want games, though. He wants to dominate his opponent, and he wants the best life he can have for not only himself but for his loved ones as well.


That’s why he chose Stanford.


“The opportunity was so great and I would be selfish to not take that opportunity.  Kids talk about it and don’t get the chance to even get close to being on the campus or seeing the school… and play at a high level of football as well as receive a great education,” the cornerback said.  


“And not only change my life, but change the lives of those that surround me. I would be almost considered a criminal to not take that opportunity. It wasn’t comparable at times to other schools.“


So Butler finds himself in a signing class that is bringing in defensive backs he describes as “fast, physical and aggressive”.  He wants to push his fellow signees now so they can push their future teammates next fall.


“We can only push ourselves coming in but eventually push the guys that are already there…and raise the level of the program as a whole.”


Butler says the academic standards that must be met just to get on campus creates a culture that has lifted the Cardinal to a perennial power and taken the program to new standards.


“When you are around a group of guys that all got admitted into the school, no words need to be said. It’s just an instant respect because you know you all had the same mindset and the same capabilities to know as a whole how far the school has got almost getting in the playoff. Nobody wants to hear that word “almost” coming into next year.”


With this 2016 Stanford recruiting class coming in, “almost” very well could be eradicated. 

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