Card Lead for Dockter

If things have felt quiet on the recruiting front with Washington state offensive tackle Bobby Dockter, don't be alarmed. He has been chewing on his camp and visit experience to Stanford a month ago, as well as his other college options. And today he pronounces that he as a clear leader - located south of the Evergreen State.

Throughout the spring, top offensive tackle recruit Bobby Dockter pointed to his spate of early summer camps as a critical determinant in how he would evaluate his college options.  With trips to his favorites in the book, we checked in for his report card on how things are shaping up with his recruitment.

"Right now Stanford is sitting #1 in my book," he announces right away.  "I really enjoyed the camp, and Coach Morton was great.  He showed me around and I really got to know him.  I like him both as a guy and as a coach.  The campus was of course beautiful, too."

Dockter did have the misfortune of working a few full days of camp in the warmest weather Stanford has seen all year, which dehydrated him and kept him out of drills one afternoon.  For a big body accustomed to cooler weather in the Northwest, that might have been one of the rare recruiting visits where weather left a negative impression of The Farm.  But Dockter brushes it off.  "Does it affect me?  No, not at all," he answers.  "It was hot, but I grew up in Indiana and can be used to 100 degree heat with 100% humidity.  Besides, I came into camp already a little down from the camps and workouts I had done just before that, so those weren't normal circumstances."

Since the camp, Dockter says that he completed up his Stanford admissions application and has submitted it.  He has also kept up with offensive line coach Steve Morton with a few phone calls.  You might expect that he'd be talking with the decision makers in Seattle, as well, but Dockter says that he hasn't spoken with the Washington coaches lately.  "I'm heard rumbles that [the coaches] didn't want to step on Neuheisal's toes while things were playing out," he comments on the recent coaching transition for the Huskies.  "I've met Coach Gilbertson a few times though - just basic chit chat.  He's a decent guy and he'll do OK as a head coach."

The two schools remain atop his list, and now that he has had time to camp at both schools and get to know their coaching staffs better, he is sorting out his feelings.  "Stanford is definitely number one," he begins.  "They were the first to offer me, and I loved the place.  Washington is number two, and it's important that they were the first ones to start recruiting me.  They're also local and have a good coaching staff.  After that I like Oregon, Oregon State and Washington State."

Dockter had a very hectic period the first half of the summer, with a lot of camps and phone calls for recruiting, so he is looking forward to a period of relative tranquility the next couple weeks.  "I'd like to take it easy with recruiting for a while, and the next thing it really will come down to will be if I get into Stanford or not.  Other than that, I'm gonna play it cool."

With the Cardinal his clear top choice, and with Stanford's admissions answer as his proclaimed next big recruiting milestone, it's only logical to ask if a commitment to Buddy Teevens could be coming when he hears back good news on his application.  "It's a possibility," he answers.  And that's all you'll get out of this savvy student-athlete.

Two-a-days for his Kamiak High School football team start August 20, followed by a team retreat and then the full run of practices gearing up for Dockter's senior season opener on September 5.  Once football kicks into high gear, recruiting will be relegated to an afterthought, so we'll be sure to check in with this top tackle target before then.  Perhaps big news will spring in the coming weeks...

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