A Look At Stanford Football '16 Commit Obi Eboh

A look at Card Class '16 Commit Obi Eboh

Obi Eboh may not have football in his blood. He is the first member in his family to be born in the United States and take up the sport. But that doesn’t mean football was not a part of his upbringing. Eboh was a star at Carroll High School in Southlake, TX as a defensive back, where football made that city go round.


“Football in Southlake is king. The tradition we had at Southlake is football.  That’s a big emphasis on what we say ‘protect the tradition’,” Eboh said.


Tradition is important to the four-star defensive back. He certainly protected it on the prep level and hopes to continue to pummel opponents to honor Stanford’s tradition.


“Those guys try to impose their will on people, and that’s what I want to try to do when I get there,” Eboh said. “Wherever it may be, whether it’s at corner or nickel, at the end of the day, the most physical team is going to win. I think Stanford does a great job emphasizing the physical side of the game.”


The style of play, the tradition, the academics - it was the whole package for Eboh. He was initially a Texas commitment, but the Cardinal offered in November. He had waited to announce the offer until January after he had been admitted and eventually flipped his pledge to the Cardinal.


Part of the appeal of Stanford was how a big, physical corner like Eboh could be unleashed in the defense. Standing at 6-foot, 200 pounds, he says he has added about 10 pounds to his frame since his senior year. According to’s analysis Eboh has the skillset and size to play cornerback, nickel or safety.


“I’m a bigger corner…I can matchup against taller receivers. Receivers are so tall and fast now, I can match up against them really well with my length. My speed really helps me because I can keep up with them as well as match their height advantage,” Eboh said.


“I like to press, I like to get physical with receivers. I like to jam them at the line because that’s more my style of play, but I feel like I can read defenses when I’m in zone.  “


Eboh has been an elite prospect for a long time and felt he could compete at the next level. When he went, and thrived, at The Opening before his senior year, he knew he belonged.


“It gave me a lot of confidence because there were a bunch of really, really good receivers and really good players overall. Getting to do one-on-ones in seven-on-seven and going against the top receivers in the country…gave me confidence my senior year,” Eboh said. “If (you) can guard these guys, you can probably do your best with anybody around the country.”


The 2016 Stanford class comes in very familiar with each other. Eboh and fellow Texan Kaden Smith know each other, and the two of them were teammates with quarterback K.J. Costello and linebacker Curtis Robinson at The Opening. The secondary is already a tight-knit group as well. Eboh and Malik Antoine have known each other since they were sophomores, and he met Treyjohn Butler and Andrew Pryts, another Stanford flip, at The Farm.


“It’s huge because I’m going to be away from home. I don’t care how tough you are or what you say, it’s going to be hard. So it’s great meeting those guys and starting that relationship and not just them in the class.”


Off the field, Eboh wants to study Management Science and Engineering with a finance focus. Former Cardinal Sam Schwartzstein studied that field, and both come from Carroll High School. As Eboh prepares to leave for Stanford, Schwartzstein has been providing any advice he can.


“He’s been through it all, and I’m just starting my journey,” Eboh said. “It’s good to have him. he’s a guy who can tell me about things he’s already gone through, just to be able to mentor me in different situations.”


With mentorship like that, a support system already in place and an imposing skillset paired with a tireless work ethic, Eboh is ready to hit the ground running, and tackling, at The Farm.


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