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Stanford Men's Basketball Head Coach Jerod Haase Talks To The Bootleg

Stanford Men's Basketball Head Coach Jerod Haase took time out to talk to The Bootleg about the state of the program, as well as his vision moving forward.

NOTE:  the initial part of this interview unfortunately did not record due to technical issues.  What follows is my write-up of the key points of that segment.  The audio picks up as Coach is finishing his response to my queries about strength and conditioning and injury prevention.

The first thing I asked Coach Haase about was the status of Rosco Allen.  Interestingly, he talked about how he's known Rosco since high school and in fact attempted to recruit him.  He said that he's been giving Rosco input, is very familiar with his family, and was very much involved in the process of Rosco's decision.  He sounded sincerely interested in helping him make the right decision, and I found that very encouraging to hear.  A reminder, Rosco has until 10 days after the NBA Draft Combine (which concludes May 15) to return to Stanford.

Also, Coach Haase said he'd had conversations with Christian Sanders and his parents and that the door is not closed on his returning to the team.  No decision either way has been made for certain.  Robert Cartwright by all accounts is progressing nicely from his injury as well. 

I also inquired about his role about player strength and conditioning.  His major point of emphasis was that he wanted the strongest, healthiest players possible.  Not a big revelation, but he also talked about the importance of communication being at a "100% level" with regard to feedback from the players. With so many mistaking "not reporting injury" to "toughness" it was very refreshing to hear Coach on this subject, and that's where we pick up on the audio......

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