Texas Tailback Set For Big Year

Stanford has had success in years past with Texas running backs, including Anthony Bookman and Justin Faust from the Dallas-Fort Worth area. But a hot Houston prospect in this 2004 class is Drew Gause from Spring, Texas. He exploded for 1500 yards his sophomore year, but slipped a little below the radar last fall after he transfered. Now he is set for big numbers again, in this his senior campaign.

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Caught up with Spring High's head man Sonny Karas to profile his No. 1 tailback, Drew Gause. A 5-10, 205-pound RB for the Spring Lion football team happens to be getting it done in the classroom too. With a 4.2 GPA and a scholarship offer from Northwestern, his name may heat up in the near-future.

"He's special," Karas  said. "And he's a special kid. He should be getting more attention because a lot of people are sending him letters."

Of course, Karas had the Ben Gay kid a while back and when asked for a comparative analysis, Karas stepped up to the plate with: " Drew (Gause) is definitely in the mold of Ben Gay. He's tough, powerful and he's got break-away speed. He's probably a top ten back in the state."

With so many of the smaller backs getting the early attention, Gause actually could be considered one of the bigger backs if he is in fact, 5-10, 205 pounds.

And he's pretty stout when it comes to pushing weight.  Bench: 365, Incline Bench: 255, Squat: 415, Power clean: 235.

"He can run," Karas said. "He ran a 4.51, 4.56 and another 4.56. That was when we tested the last time, and we'll test again before spring ball so he could easily make improvement."

That averages out to a 4.54 40 which definitely isn't too shabby.

Still many don't really know a whole lot about Gause.

"He came from a private school," Spring's head man explained. "And so last year was the first year anybody was able to get a look at him."

"Just to give you a example about his explosiveness," Karas said, "Against (Spring) Westfield, he took a toss sweep 70 yards. He has the speed to turn the corner. Once he got to the edge, he just ran away from everybody."

Let's take a look at his junior stats: "500-600 yards rushing and 100 yards receiving," Karas estimated. "But he had a 6.9 yard-per-carry average. And ended the season with 6 total TDs. 4 rushing, 2 receiving."

Keep in mind, with senior Jared Hickson being the primary ball-carrier, Gause was limited in the amount of touches and didn't really come on till the latter part of the year.

"This year," the head coach said, "Drew (Gause) will get all of the carries and should go over 1000 yards. We like to throw the ball a lot to our tailbacks so expect him to also have 30-35 receptions. He can do it all. He should have huge numbers this year."

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