The four-star recruit continues to rack up offers and attention from big-time programs.

“I really would consider going to Stanford because it’s a great program overall".

Dameon Pierce, the punishing running back from Bainbridge, GA, has already caught the eye of some of the top schools in the country.

The class of 2018 recruit was recently offered by Georgia in addition to some of the top SEC programs.

“It’s a great college to have my list. I hope I can pick and choose from a lot of great schools but Georgia is definitely one of them," Pierce said. "Alabama followed up soon after so that’s another great school. It’s kind of tough right now, but I’m keeping my options open and enjoying recruitment.”

In addition to Georgia and the Crimson Tide, the running back has caught the attention of programs like Auburn, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Michigan State, South Carolina and Stanford among others.

Pierce describes himself as a very balanced back and sees similarities in his game to former Bulldog Todd Gurley. Looking at his sophomore tape, he could also be described as a wrecking-ball, turf-churner or a runaway train as he racked up over 2,000 yards and 33 touchdowns.

While Pierce’s offers continue to stack up, Stanford sticks out for the four-star recruit.

“I really would consider going to Stanford because it’s a great program overall,” Pierce said. “They bring a lot energy to the field from what I’ve seen, especially the Pac-12 Championship and Rose Bowl they played in. “

Seeing Stanford enforce their intellectual brutality on teams while on the big stage makes the Cardinal an intriguing option for Pierce.

“They step up to the plate and get the job done...They have a great team and had great running backs over the years, and that’s a draw towards them.”

The four-star recruit has a support system including his family and coaches at Bainbridge High School, who have helped him navigate his early recruitment.

“They take this very seriously. They sat me down in their offices and talked to me one-on-one about colleges and what I need to look for, what questions I need to ask,” Pierce said. “They keep reminding me it’s not just about football. I’m going to college for my future and football can come later.”

In the meantime, Pierce is working on every aspect of his game.

"It doesn’t hurt to work on everything," the four-star recruit said. "I don’t want to get caught up focusing on one part of my game…just try to get better overall and be a great athlete."

Players, coaches and media in the college recruitment scene can get caught up in the stars, offers and commits. It’s an easy thing to do when trying to forecast the future of college programs. Though, when it’s all said and done and Pierce is college-bound, he wants to be remembered for what he did for his hometown as a whole and not just on the gridiron.

“I want to be known as a guy who is better my community and better myself, being a great role model for the kids and really paving the way for Bainbridge and my community,” Pierce said. “I try to keep my name great and I want to be known as a great person overall.” 

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