The newest members of the Cardinal share their thoughts and goals for their college careers

The new class is ready to hit the ground running.

The Class of 2016 is already on campus and working to become the next great Stanford team. Before they took off, I caught up with a few players and asked them their thoughts, goals and favorite memories of their football careers:

Richard McNitzky, LS, Texas

What he has been working on: As a Long Snapper, the biggest adjustment I have to make is going from covering right away to taking a few steps back and blocking. I am also working on my conditioning to prepare for the summer workouts.

When he wants to get started: I will undoubtedly be at the first "voluntary" workout.

What he is most excited for: I can't wait to get on campus and experience college classes and college football.

What he will miss about home: I will miss my family a ton... And San Antonio breakfast tacos.

What he has learned in this process: As I have worked towards preparing for college life, I have become more independent and responsible.

What is a “successful” first year:  In my first year, I would consider myself successful if I get the opportunity to play as a true freshman.

Obi Eboh, DB, Texas

What he has been working on: What I tried to work on was my endurance. I knew Coach Turley was going to push me hard when I got here and so that was one of the main things. I continued to hone in on my defensive back skills and continue to work on them daily.

Travel plans: I flew to California the day before we moved in and bought all the essentials I needed for my dorm room, I was accompanied by my mother Juliet and sister Serena (who is an up and coming soccer/track star)

What he is most excited for: I am most looking forward to just getting acclimated academically and gelling with my teammates.

What he will miss about home: I'll definitely miss all of my family and friends the most. I've lived in Southlake all my life so it was tough leaving, but that is just part of the process.

How this process has helped him grow: From a football standpoint, the minute after Signing Day is over you are no longer a recruit, they won't understand, but being a recruit vs a signed player is a huge difference. Nothing you did before matters and they won't understand that till' they get to that point.

What is a “successful” first year: A successful first year to me would be making great grades and getting better as a defensive back.

Dylan Powell, OL, Missouri

What he has been working on: I have just been trying to get stronger and in the best shape I can possibly be in. Also, I have been watching film to try and learn the playbook.

What he is looking forward to: I am looking forward to meeting all of my teammates and getting to work in the weight room and on the field.

How he has grown in this process: I think I have grown in the way I prepare for things and have paid better attention to little details.

What is a successful freshman year? : A successful first year for me would be doing whatever is asked of me to do to better our team as a whole. Also, I want to get a 4.0 in the classroom.

His message to others: I would just want to thank everyone for helping me get to where I am today and just let the Stanford fans know I will do whatever I can to help this program win a national championship.

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