The defensive back shares his journey to The Farm

From seeing his locker for the first time to saying goodbye to his family, Butler gives an inside look to his move to Stanford.

With the class of 2016 on-campus and gearing up for their first season of Pac-12 play, defensive back Treyjohn Butler was kind enough to shoot photos and video documenting his move to The Farm.

What he's been working on: I've been strongly working on my agility and mental toughness pushing myself like no other.

What he is most looking forward to: I'm most looking forward to my engineering class, as well as working with Coach Akina.

Who he will miss the most: I will miss most is my family especially my mom. She's my best friend and hero. As well as my closest friends and a special person

How he has grown in this process: my growth has come from recognizing my journey I am on. And that this is just the beginning. Feeling confident with the support system I will have back home rooting me on!

What a successful freshman year looks like: a successful year for me would be working with McCaffrey learning is work ethic, excelling in the classroom, and claiming a starting in the secondary and having a huge impact aiding the team as much as possible!

Special thanks to Eddie Wellz for providing music.

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