He talks about his relationship with Davis Mills and who he is hoping to sway the Cardinal's way.

The two Cardinal are already forming a bond.

BEAVERTON, ORE. - The Opening provides a great opportunity for players to see how they stack up against the nation's best. For some, it also provides an opportunity to develop a relationship with a future teammate.

Cardinal tight end commit Colby Parkinson is doing a little bit of both.


Along with Parkinson, Team Fly Rush will be led by fellow Cardinal commit and quarterback Davis Mills. By my count, Parkinson only received passes from Mills on Friday during one-on-one drills.

Parkinson explains why this trip will be beneficial for both of them and who he is hoping to help bring to the Cardinal.

Parkinson and Mills have a chance to develop their chemistry a bit on Saturday when the 7-on-7 pool play begins.

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